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We are more than ready for your next gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda. We offer both affordable and slumber packages for all our Rwanda gorilla tours

Why we guarantee you the best experience of a Gorilla trek

Uganda and Rwanda are probably not only the best destinations for mountain gorilla trekking in Africa but also the whole world at large. These two countries are famously known for the big population of mountain gorillas (gorilla berengei berengei) that they harbor especially Uganda that shelters over half of the world's total mountain gorilla population in it's forests of Bwindi. Gorilla tracking can be carried out from three places in these two beautiful countries which are; Volcanoes national park, also known as Parc National de Volcans in Rwanda then Mgahinga gorilla national park & Bwindi impenetrable forest national park in Uganda. We want you to get the most amazing experience of a visit to any of these safari parks for less, reason why we offer budget gorilla trekking tours to our clients. Among other packages we also offer are: wildlife safaris in Rwanda, Uganda safaris, wilderness safaris, chimpanzee trekking / habituation experiences and excursions which may be long or short depending on your preference.

For those that want their prices lowered, we have a couple of discounted safari packages especially for group travelers. Your comfort comes top on our priority list, that's why we ensure that you feel absolute comfort from the time of your arrival till the day of your departure. We transport our clients in comfortable 4x4 open roof safari vehicles, list comfortable and slumber accommodation facilities at discounted rates and maintain thorough contact with you through out your entire safari. We focus on each client’s individual needs, time and budget to develop a suitable itinerary that will create a memorable holiday experience of a safari. Our team comprises of seasoned tour consultants that are gladly waiting to smoothly guide through the planning, safari booking process, patiently answer all your questions and avail you all the information you require whilst on your gorilla expedition. Planning for Rwanda safaris or an adventure holiday in Uganda? Check out some of our gorilla tours packages below and choose the best package that you believe will give you the best memories of a safari in either countries. These gorilla trekking tour packages are very cheap and affordable but can be upgraded to a high-end setting in case you crave for a luxury experience.

Best Selling Safari Packages 2017 / 2018

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7 Days Classic Uganda Safari, Gorilla Trekking & Wildlife Viewing

Spend 7 days in Uganda exploring Murchison Falls NP for wildlife viewing, Trekking gorillas in Bwindi, Game Viewing in Queen Elizabeth plus more. All the above safari highlights are inclusive of this comfortable 7 Days tour with a 4x4 tour safari vehicle & comfortable accommodation.

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3 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safari | Trek in Volcanoes NP

If you are planning to have a short Gorilla Trekking adventure in Rwanda then this 3 days Gorilla safari will just give you the best experience in Rwanda. This 3 days Rwanda safaris tour will reward you an exceptional short Rwanda gorilla trek experience. All the activities above are inclusive of this gorilla safari with a 4x4 tour vehicle & comfortable accommodation.

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Rwanda Gorilla Permits Prices Increased from $750 to $1500 Each

As of 6th May 2017, the price of a Rwanda Gorilla permit now costs $1,500 up from $750. This 100% increment comes as a big shocker and upset to various travelers and tour operators at large. The C.E.O of Rwanda Development Board, Ms. Clare Akamanzi, explains that the increment aims at strengthening gorilla conservation efforts in Rwanda besides increasing the revenue sharing percentage with the local communities around Volcanoes National Park too, from about 5% to 10%.