3 Days Uganda Gorilla Safari from $1050.

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Why we guarantee you the best gorilla trekking experience

We want you to get the most amazing experience of gorilla tours in any of the safari parks we arrange trips to for less, reason why we offer very affordable tours to our clients. If you feel like a luxury experience, we can arrange that for you as well. We mainly specify in offering tours to Uganda and Rwanda and some of the tour types we offer include primate safaris, wildlife safaris and a few excursions which may be long or short depending on your preference. These two countries are probably the best destinations for those that want to see mountain gorillas in Africa. These two countries apparently harbor the biggest population of these gentle primates. They can be found in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda, then Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. Uganda shelters over half of the world's total Mountain Gorilla population followed by Rwanda and then Congo.

For tourists that want low cost gorilla tours, we have a couple of discounted gorilla tour packages available especially for group travelers. Please also note that your comfort comes top on our priority list, reason why we ensure that you feel absolute comfort from the time of your arrival till the day of your departure. We transport our clients in comfortable 4x4 open roof tour vehicles, list comfortable and slumber accommodation facilities at discounted rates and maintain thorough contact with you through out your entire gorilla trekking tours. We also focus on each client’s individual needs, time and budget to develop a bespoke itinerary that will reward you a memorable gorilla trekking experience. Planning for a safari in Rwanda or Uganda? Check out some of our gorilla tours below and choose the best package that matches your budget, preference and schedule.

Popular Gorilla Tours Uganda Rwanda 2018 / 2019

Uganda gorilla trekking
7 Days Uganda Classic Tour. Mountain Gorillas and Wildlife Viewing

Spend 7 days in Uganda exploring Murchison Falls NP for wildlife viewing, Trekking gorillas in Bwindi, Game Viewing in Queen Elizabeth plus more. All the above safari highlights are inclusive of this comfortable 7 Days tour along with a 4 wheel drive safari vehicle & comfortable accommodation.

Rwanda gorilla trekking
3 Days Rwanda Gorilla Safari | Trek in Volcanoes NP

If you are planning to have a short gorilla adventure in Rwanda then this 3 days Gorilla safari will just give you that lifetime experience with gorillas. This Rwanda tours package will reward you an exceptional short visit to Volcanoes National Park. This package does not only reward you a memorable experience with these primates but comes with excellent lodging facilities too.

Uganda Gorilla Tours
Rwanda Gorilla Tours
Combined Gorilla Tours

What to expect from a Gorilla Tour

If you are planning a gorilla tour in Africa then you ought to know that the activity has some important requirements and rules as well. The first requirement is a gorilla permit which costs $600 and $450 for high and low seasons in Uganda respectively and $1500 in Rwanda. After this, you have to be at least 15 years of age and should be free from any serious health conditions. When you meet these, go ahead and secure your permit several months in advance to confirm your dates of tracking. We can do this for you when you book one of our gorilla trekking tours. We always recommend tourists to book their permits in advance to avoid missing out on desired tracking dates. These cards are sold on first come first serve basis and some months may turn out competitive especially June, July and December.