This all depends on the time you arrive in the country and how fatigued you are after your flight.

If you are doing Gorilla trekking in Rwanda, you need to be in Rwanda before 8am local time for you to have enough time to travel from the airport to the gorilla trekking location; arrival any time after 8am local time will make it very difficult for you to make it to the trekking location in time for trekking. 

If you are doing trekking in Uganda, you need to arrive at the Entebbe airport by 6 am local time and fly to bwindi impenetrable national park to be in time to join the trekking teams for the day’s trekking activities. But if you are using the road to get to bwindi you cannot do trekking the day you arrive, because bwindi is about 8 – 9 hours from the airport in Entebbe.

For Gorilla trekking in Congo, it’s impossible to do trekking the very day you arrive because of the time spent on the road from Kigali airport to Goma, DRC. The Congo entry point; this time is about 4-5 hours and from Goma, DRC to Virunga National park, DRC where the Gorilla trekking takes place; the time is about 2-2 1/2 hours. A total of about 7 hours, which clearly makes it impossible for you to join the trekking teams that set off in the morning.

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