The public tour/tours are mainly done in groups of unrelated people that come together to have the tour; the numbers vary from 4 which is the smallest group up to 100 or so. This comes with shared costs, accommodation, transport etc among other things that are predetermined by the tour operator. On this tour you may not have the liberty to do a couple of things that are personal interests and are not on the predetermined tour operator’s itinerary plus you time on the safari is determined by the tour operator.

Private tours are mainly done as an individual or in a small group of closely related people that plan and go for the tour together; most cases with tailor-made itineraries to suit their desires and expectations on a safari (not determined by the tour operator). On these tours (Uganda Tours, Kenya Tours, Congo Tours, Tanzania Tours and Rwanda Tours), you have the liberty to do anything of your interest on the safari and take as much or little time as you want on the safari.

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