2022 Kibale Entrance Fees : Kibaale National Park is one of Uganda’s major National parks, it is a home to a number of species of   both mammals and birds. Of which there are 60 mammal species and in particular 13 primate species some of which are the black and white colobus, vervet, red colobus, red tailed, blue monkey ,the L’Hoest, olive baboon ,the grey checked mangabey and the chimpanzees. Plus, the exclusive elephants ,smaller and hairier that move seasonally in the developed parts of the park.

Kibaale National Park is located in the districts of Kabarole and Kamwenge approximately 320kilimetres, by road, west of Kampala, Uganda’s capital. Fort Portal in Kabarole district is the largest city in Kibaale National Park. It covers an area of 759sq.km extending southwards from Fort Portal to form a contagious block with Queen Elizabeth National Park

The park fees to Kibaale National Park are stipulated by the Uganda  Wildlife Authority (UWA) which is in charge of making all park entry fees and other charges for all National Parks in Uganda.

The individual park entrance fee is a payment per entry per person despite child or adult. This individual fee is further categorized  under the status of the visitor i.e. foreign non-resident, foreign resident  visitors and the East African Society, as well.

An adult is entitled to a payment of 40USD for a foreign non-resident visitor and 30USD for a  foreign resident visitors in Uganda and UGX20,000 for a person who is a part of the East African Society, as entry fees to Kibale National Park.

The children are charged differently as per category as well, the foreign non resident visitor child pays 20USD , a foreign resident child pays 10USD and a child part of the East African Society pay UGX5000 as their entry fees. However, children below the age of 12years are not liable to any park entrance fees.

Kibaale National Park is known as the capital of the world’s primates probably because it harbors over 1000 different species of chimpanzees and 13 species of primates. It is also home to the few remaining red tailed monkeys ,as they are becoming extinct.

It’s also home to various night primates such as the bushbaby, ottos, the night tree pangolins, and the forest elephants and the different bird species as well.

The adaptability of these chimpanzees is due to the type of natural vegetation in Kibaale National Park. It is a deciduous rainforest with a section of thick undergrowth  thus 2022 Kibale Entrance Fees.

Chimpanzees tracking

Kibale’s most popular activity is Kanyanchu primate walk. Over thirteen species can be sought and a good variety of different monkeys can be sought. The Kanyanchu chimps have been tracked since 1993 and the chances of Chimpanzee  tracking them is excellent, A guided walk starts at 8am and 2pm and lasts for 3hours,depending on various factors. This popular primate walk gives tourists and visitors a chance to observe the primates in their natural habitat and there interactions plus behaviors.

2022 Kibale Entrance Fees
Chimpanzee Trekking in Kibale

Birding in Kibale

At Kanyanchu, Bigodi Wetland sanctuary there are 138  species of birds that can be sighted while on guided walks along the boardwalk trail and the viewing platforms. These include the white spotted flufftail, yellow spotted barbet, hairy breasted barbet, yellow billed barbet, Western Nicator to mention but a few.

Bird watching starts at 7am at Kanyanchu and some of the rare species are White winged wabler ,papyrus  Gonolek, white callared oliveback and the papyrus canary. In need for a visit you need to book in advance.

2022 Kibale Entrance Fees
Birding Safaris

Hiking or Natural walks

Hiking and taking natural walks is done and a guide is usually present to assist the visitors in anyway. the help site out the different animals and birds in there natural habitats and get to enjoy the cook temperature with in the forests and it’s natural beauty.

Night walks are also ongoing and these are done with touchesto seek nocturnal creatures such as bus babies, nightjax, cricket, tree hyxa and the serval cat.

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