A safari tour guide  : Safari becomes more interesting when attached on with interesting well hospitable tourist centered trained guides that tell all stories of the distinguish feature in Uganda. Imagine a Uganda safari Tour in the wilderness of Queen Elizabeth getting fresh air from silent grassland habitat covered in a ray of grasses and small trees with different wildlife like elephants, kobs and buffalos along the way and within the view proximity.

Tour guides are trained in all languages to easy communication with tourists since they guide people from different races and tribes. Tour guides accompany groups of visitors to tourists’ attractions whether on day trips or longer visits and gives them information and insights that help them make the most exciting experience. They are good at communicating well, polite, approachable, knowledgeable, attentive and respectful of the environment. You having a tour guide on your safari is really beneficial to you.

Well to help you find a great safari tour guide here are some of the qualities you will have to look for in your tour guide

A safari tour guide
A safari tour guide
  1. guide with authority and Professionalism

Any guide should have the authority of guiding lest they will look unsure and you will not trust them at all. Authority here doesn’t mean commanding or mistreating others but it leans more to respect of his guiding skills and abilities among other things.

  1. Be knowledgeable

Of course to be a guide you have to know quite a amount of information about the area and things you are guding. the reason you have been hired as a guide is to help the tourist understand more about what is happening, the animals, the area, the locals and all the other things. so you should always get a guide who is knowledgeable.

  1. Be enthusiast

They should be enthusiast, about the safari and guding. I know we all come with our won vibes to the safari but when a tour guide is giving you a less interested vibe, it will kill your ability to enjoy the safari.

  1. Communicate Effectively

Since they are guiding you, they should be able to communicate to you clearly and effectively at all times.  to help you understand and enjoy your Uganda safari.

  1. Be Understanding

Guiding is not an easy job because tourists come with different expectations and demands so its required that the guide be understanding and considerate at all times, as they you navigate the wild.

  1. Personable

It goes without saying; all tour guides should be personable. They are dealing with people so it’s imperative that they can be nice, courteous, empathetic and sympatric as they guide their clients on this wonderful experience.

  1. Flexible

It’s good for tour guide to have a plan and something to follow while they guide, however things don’t always go as planned, so a tour guide should be flexible to adjust to change easily and still facilitate a great safari for you the client on your safari trip.

  1. Initiative

A tour guide is helping you enjoy your safari, they are places that don’t have much in them, so the tour guide have to have some initiative to make the trip lovely, comfortable and amazing for you the clients.

  1. engaging

They are going to be guiding you throughout your whole safari, so they should be engaging lest you get bored and regret your whole safari.

  1. Good time manager

Time is very important in your safari, if your tour guide doesn’t keep time you may miss out on all the things you would want to do on your Uganda safari because of poor time management and this won’t be good.

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