Advice for solo travelers : A lot has changed in the world of travel since the COVID19 pandemic, the way people travel, book safaris and go about their safaris has totally changed. One of the things we are noticing now after the pandemic is an increase in solo travelling. Travelling solo or going on a safari solo has become the new norm lately; this maybe because social distancing is one of the preventive measures of stopping the spread of COVID19, so we guess people think about it and figure its better you travel alone which is automatic social distancing. Also a lot has changed in the economy, so you may find solo travelling is more affordable than group travelling.

We surely don’t know why there is a rise in solo travelling, but none the less, we have some advice we want to share with you who is on a solo trip or planning on travelling solo. This advice will help you enjoy your safari/trip, stay safe and maximize every moment of the travel.

  1. Use a tour operator

Its wise to use a tour operator to plan your trips and safari activities. It lessens on the list of things  you have to do and also helps you get what you need in easily for a safari. Tour operators are knowledgeable about the area you are visiting for your safari and are experienced in planning, coordinating and running safaris in the region.

Advice for solo travelers
Advice for solo travelers

Since your travelling solo, using a tour operator will help you have a well planned safari.

  1. Have a tour guide

You need a tour guide, to help guide you on your safari. Even in a group you need a tour guide but you need one more when your solo.

Tour guides are your personal navigators on the safari, taking you to all the destinations on your safari and giving explanations on the different things along the way. They are also the first people to offer you help in case of any problem – plus they also call for more help for help.

Your tour operator can recommend a good tour guide for your trip or safari.

  1. Try to strict to the itinerary

For safety reasons, it’s good if you can stick to your itinerary, just in case of a an emergency – help can easily come to you and find you.

When your in a group, one of you can easily call for help or even give you the help – which is not the case when you are solo.

  1. Don’t go to the wild solo

Even if your on you’re a solo safari, it’s not wise to go to the wild alone – mainly for safety reasons. The animals can attack you and kill you.

Best thing to do when your alone, have a tour guide with you as you explore the wild.

  1. Always have your documents on you

When your exploring the country your visiting, its wise to have your identification documents with you – for easy identification especially when your interacting with the locals

  1. Have a funds plan

In other words have enough funds for your Uganda Rwanda safari or have a back plan of having funds incase you run out. Since your alone, you don’t have the advantage of being with other professionals who can bail you out any financial emergency.

  1. Get health and travel insurance

Get health insurance incase of any health emergency. The travel insurance like the health insurance is also helpful incase of an emergency.

  1. Keep the Law and avoid any unlawful behavior

Keep the law of the country your are visiting. Some laws in the land may be contrary to what you know or observe in your land but endeavor to observe them. For your own sake, you don’t want to be imprisoned on your safari with no one to bail you our.

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