Akagera game lodge is located in the Southern part of Akagera National park and it is situated on the gentle ridge which offers tourists with breathe taking views  as they overlook at Lake Ihema and Lake Shakani. More so, Akagera safari lodge is so easy to access due to the fact that it is just a 5 kilometers away from the Southern entrance of Akagera National park. and due to the fact that this lodge is within the national park, this gives tourists choosing to have their stay at this safari lodge be able to get opportunities to see the big five animals.

Akagera safari lodge is being managed by the Mantis Resorts and this has been since in the year of 2018and this is an expensive game lodge that is made of 60 en-suite rooms, which are all constructed with natural materials in order to blend in with the surrounding environment. More so, the rooms at this game lodge contain; good air conditioning, en-suite bathrooms which have both cold and warm showers, flushing toilets with free toiletries, comfortable and king size beds, working desk, mosquito nets which prevent guests from suffering from diseases like; malaria, wardrobe where guests keep their clothes, hair dryer, electric kettle in case you would wish to boil tea at any time, television which keeps individuals updated by watching news and get to know whatever is happening in their country despite of being on a vacation, tv cable, private veranda where guests chill to capture classic views of the park.

Facilities and services offered at Akagera Game lodge in Rwanda.

Akagera game lodge offers to its guests with aviability of good services like; a 24 hour room service whereby visitors are always attended to at any time they in need of something, free breakfast which is usually served within the rooms, laundry and ironing services, free WI-FI which enables guests to maintain a clear communication as they keep in touch with their people back at home, a 24 hour security where it is key ensure of the safety of their guests, free parking for those individuals who come with their cars, they also provide children’s television networks and many others.

More so, Akagera game lodge offers its guests with a number of many facilities which keep up their motivation to visit again and these facilities include; a good restaurant that has good experienced chefs and well trained waiters and serve the guests with delicious meals which are always either both local and international hence giving a chance to individuals to choose what to eat depending on what they prefer, a swimming pool where guests with good swimming skills always visit to swim as they relax and cool off their hot long day, a tennis court, business centre, a gift shop where guests always buy some of the essentials they need such as bottled drinking water, a well-stocked bar that has variety of drinks such as; cocktails, spirits, international beers, local brews, liquor and other soft drinks like; water and juice and many others.

More so, for individuals who are planning to have their stay at Akagera safari lodge should be able to note that all the payments at this game lodge are made while using debit cards or while booking and most importantly is that they do not accept cash payment. More so, individuals should note that they all encouraged to make sure that they are be present at the lodge by 6pm due to the fact that they close their gates immediately after 6:00pm.

Akagera Game Lodge
Akagera Game Lodge

Things to do while having your stay at Akagera safari lodge.

Individuals who opt to have their stay at Akagera safari lodge are always blessed with opportunities to involve themselves into participating in many exciting activities during their free time and get to learn new experiences. Therefore, some of these activities include;

 Game drives  which are always conducted in the morning, afternoon and evenings as they tour around Akagera national park and they sight see at many wildlife species such as; zebras, buffalos, lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, antelopes and many others. there are other activities like; fishing, boat cruise, bird watching, guided nature walks, swimming, game viewing and many others.

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