Akanyaru Wetlands for Birdwatching in Rwanda : Birding safaris in Rwanda is one of the top tourist activities one can do when they visit the country of a thousand hills. The Akanyaru wetland is one of the best destinations for birdwatching in Rwanda and it is found within the southern part of Rwanda along the national borders with Birundi not far from Butare. The wetlands receive averagely 800 mm of rainfall each year. This swamp is fed by River Akanyaru and can be visited during our amazing Rwanda birding safaris.

River Akanyaru is the primary tributary of River Nyabarongo, and merges in the western highlands of Burundi-Rwanda and flows east before flowing northwards along the border if these two countries and later joins River Nyabarongo. The shallows of this river are congested with various swamps that offer good habitat to different wildlife.

The Flora of Akanyaru Wetlands

The flora of these wetlands comprises of different papyrus species and other types of vegetation that offer habitat to different bird species. Some of the plant species you will see here include: Oryza barthii, Pistia stratiotes as well as Leersia hexandra, you will then see some papyrus, mixed with Miscanthidium violaceum, Typha australis as well as Cladium jamaicense; along with Echinochloa pyramidalis, Typha australis, Cyperus latifolius Miscanthidium violaceum as well as  Cyperus denudatus. There are expanses of papyrus, either as pure stands or combined with shrubby vegetation.

Bird Species that can be found in Akanyaru wetlands

The Akanyaru wetlands have more than 54 different bird species. These may include a number of migrant species plus internationally threatened species like the Papyrus Gonolek, the Lesser Kestrel, Lesser Swamp Warbler, Great Snipe, Madagascar Squacco Heron as well as Pallid Harrier, in addition to one of the Guinea-Congo-Forest biome species, 3 of the Afrotropical-Highlands biome species as well as 11 species of the Lake-Victoria-Basin biome species.

Great Snipe

Why take a bird guide on this Safari?

In order to have a successful and enjoyable birding safari, it is mandatory to have a well experienced and knowledgeable birding sites as this increases your opportunities of seeing a number of less common species. These guides are very knowledgeable of the exact places where you can go to enjoy better views of the bird species within these wetlands

You may choose to hire one of the local guides who are similarly very knowledgeable about the birds in this area. Through offering these services, they are able to earn a living and that way you will be indirectly helping a Rwandan family. We as AA Safaris Ltd carefully choose our guides so be guaranteed of a great and enjoyable birding Safari during your stay in Rwanda.

Other Places to enjoy a Birding Safari

Although Rwanda is a small country, it has more than 750 species including several endemic species. And these can be seen in the different parts of the country thanks to the different habitats including swamps, Albertine Rift montane forests, lakes, rivers, wetlands as well as grassland plains plus  number of grasslands up in the hills in which they thrive.

So other places to enjoy a birding safari including Nyungwe Forest, Akagera National Park, Kigali City, the Albertine Eco-region, Volcanoes National Park and several other swamps and wetlands across the country.

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