Amazing facts about Uganda : Uganda is a sovereign country located in Africa, in the eastern part of the second largest continent on earth. Uganda is a land locked country with a diverse land scape and its territorial borders mapped 93,065.3 square miles and 241, 038 kilo meters squared in area. Uganda borders south Sudan in the north, Kenya in the east, Tanzania in the south, drc in the west. all defined, these are the twenty (20) amazing facts about Uganda to thrill while on Uganda Safaris.

Kampala City

Uganda is the pearl of Africa: Uganda   was dubbed the pearl of Africa by British colonialist and uk prime at the time churchill winston, this national logo has been maintained since inception to date. Uganda’s biodiversity, color, serene ambience, beauty, climate, flora and fauna are vital to the phrase.

lake victoria: this is second largest fresh water lake in the only after l. superior in the USA. its surface area is 26,000 square miles, it’s named after queen Victoria but locally its named l. nalubaale. this lake has a beautiful scenery and it’s also bears the heart of the source of the Nile.

Amazing facts about Uganda
Lake Victoria

River Nile: the nile is a major north – flowing river in africa it flows northwards unlike known normal flow the Niles northern section of the continent is lower in elevation than the southern portion. the nile it flows from Lake Victoria to the mediterranean sea, it crosses several countries (11) sudan, egypt, uganda, burundi, kenya, ethiopia, eritrea, Burundi, Drc, Tanzania, south Sudan. it’s the longest river in Africa. it’s characterized by beautiful scenery and a home for adventure.

mountain Rwenzori national park: Rwenzori national park is nearly 100,000 hectares in western Uganda, vastly comprised of mt. Rwenzori that has the third highest peak margherita about (5,109m). this is snowcapped throughout the year, with glacier falls and lakes making it one of the world’s amazing and beautiful alpine areas.

Mabira forest: mabira forest is Uganda’s biggest rain forest, covering about 300 square kilometers its located in buikwe district along jinja road its reserved and looked by the mabira forest reserve since colonial time 1932. it’s an eco-system, a home for many endangered species with a beautiful scenery and atmosphere.

Amazing facts about Uganda
Zip Lining in Mabira

weather: Uganda is abundantly favored with good weather, it receives rainfall and sunshine throughout the year, all year through its summer and winter in Uganda. this is amazing and makes Uganda a favorable place to be and a favorite tourism destination to visit any time.

lake bunyonyi: this lake is very amazing, its located in between kisoro and kabale and close to the Uganda _ Rwanda border. it has breath taking views where you view the world and take in fresh air, l. bunyonyi is the second deepest lake in africa at 1962 meters above sea level 25 km long and 7 km wide. its home/ sanctuary of little birds, Amazing facts about Uganda.

Kampala: Kampala is the biggest city in Uganda and its located in the central region of the country, Kampala is the central business for Uganda and the party hub for Africa, in Kampala there are events and parties 7days a week, 4 weeks a month and 56 weeks a year. Kampala is so amazing that it stands on 7 hills including mengo, namirembe , makerere, kololo, nakasero and old kampala hill and all bear different important aspects to Uganda as a nation and a land scape that is amazing to thrive in while on Kampala City Tours.

Kazinga channel: this is one of the most beautiful sceneries and geographical features Uganda has, kazinga channel is a link that joins lake george and lake Edward. it has a stretch of about 32 kilometers wide. the channel is a habitant for a wide range of animals and birds. it has one of the world’s largest concentration of hippos and numerous crocodiles.

culture and tradition: Uganda is endowed with a range of tribes more than 50 tribes all with different norms and values where they all differ but these don’t establish cultural crushes of agony to Ugandans, but all share similarities like being welcoming and considerate people. this is amazing a nation having 50 plus tribes but not at conflict.

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