This is a natural Amoropi Hot springs  its located near the famous Panyimur fishing village in Nebbi district in the northern part of Uganda, In case of any woman visiting the area without asking for permission would later on turn barren .

The waters of Amoropii have chemicals and minerals that contain medical values, some of the minerals in water.

Potassium Chloride, Sodium Chloride ,Lithium Sulphate chloride, Potassium sulphate ,Magnesium chloride, Calcium Phosphate and many more.

The Amoropii hot springs, Amoropi is derived from two local Alur words Amoro to mean “Hot” and Pii to mean ‘water’. The sacrifice offered are left in open not seen the next day, the locals believe the gods consumed it.

The springs are made up of steam, the waters always heats up when it flows through a small pool in dense bushes just a few meters from the swamp, crate like pool containing hot water said to be measuring about 2 meters in diameter.

The local people of Alur believe  that the springs have divine miracles  and the local worship the springs, many issues  are solved at the springs for example those who would love to change their skin colors ,the barren look for children ,skin rashes are also healed and many more.

The prayers are answered by the locals  who take springs sacrifices of different animals as an offering to good which is most visited to make sure that they get permission from the prime minister of Panyimur chiefdom  in order to avoid misfortunes however one gets cured  if at all the gods of Amoropi are the ones responsible.

When one puts the egg in the hot springs it automatically gets boiled and ready for eating and many more food, when tourists are visiting this place they are asked to come along with what to boil to have the amazing experiences.

Tourists visiting the Amoropii hot springs should not stop at visiting the springs that include visiting the Murchison falls National Park.

The Murchison falls national park  are engaged in some of the activities including game drive, boat cruises, birding, primate walks and many more.



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