Aruu Falls in Uganda : Have you visited the Aruu Falls in northern Uganda while on a Uganda Safari? If you haven’t, you need to plan a visit to these amazing falls sometime soon, in fact a trip the falls this summer wouldn’t hurt; though you can visit the falls anytime of the year – you are assured of a great over the top amazing time when you visit the falls.

So why are we all pumping you about these falls?

Well first of all they are water falls, anything that is a water fall is simply amazing.

But to give you some helpful insight about these breathtaking falls, here is some information about the falls.

 Aruu Falls in Uganda
 Aruu Falls in Uganda

The amazing Aruu Falls are located in northern Uganda in Pader District. The are in the centre of what we call the Acholi Lango region.

The water falls themselves are in the centre of a forest like area that is approximately 4 and a half km from the pader-kitgum highway.

The area close to this forest that harbors the waterfalls is inhabited by a community of farmers from the two popular tribes of northern Uganda which are Acholi and Langi.

When you traverse through the forest, you will get spectacular falls and experience beauty beyond description. The water flows at a rumbling speed from the top of the rocks through to a smooth flow, the fresh breeze and the sound of the birds singing is a scene no words can Express.

This only makes these water falls a Uganda and northern Ugandan treasure. Though hidden and not as popular as it should be, the beauty of this falls is undeniable.

People who visit these falls get to engage in a number of activities that include but are not limited to:-

Scenery viewing

This includes the viewing and taking in the beautiful views of the waterfalls. There are a few vantage points that you can stand at and just enjoy the beautiful sceneries.

 Aruu Falls in Uganda
 Aruu Falls in Uganda

Bird watching

The fact that the falls are located in the forest and they are a water source, definitely birds are among the many creatures you will around. So if you are bird lover. Don’t forget to carry your binoculars to watch the birds fly around the waters, some feeding as other rest among other things. Common bird species at this water fall include:- hornbills, African wagtail, Egyptian goose and many more

Rock Climbing

If you are up for the challenge you can take on the slippery rocks and climb till the top. They are not so high but because they are slippery it’s hard to get to top in one try. Also because they are slippery they are sometimes dangerous to climb so climb with caution.


There is a saying that where there is water you have to swim. Haha. That’s true for the Aruu falls, you can enjoy a swimming in the falls but because of the presence of rocks – swimming is not usually advised.


You can also enjoy picnics on the huge rocks and even at the bottom of the rocks. These picnics further help you to enjoy the beauty of the falls and the great ambience that comes with nature assortment of the falls.

Nature Walks

Take walk around the water falls and through the forest to further explore these exquisite falls. These are usually guided walks and can take you even to the neighboring communities where you learn more about the locals, their culture and traditions.

Community and market tour.

Out of the Aruu waterfalls area, you can visit the community and the local market, get yourself some fresh fruits like passion fruits, mangoes, pineapples, watermelons and many more. The market also has some local artifacts that you can back home with you.


If your into photography, videography, modeling, magazines, advertising etc. You can visit the waterfalls for great background for your product or just photo shoot.

The Aruu falls are open all year and you can visit them anytime.

Usually people combined their visit to the falls with a visit to either Kidepo National park or Murchison Falls National park or both.

Hope you will be visiting these falls soon.

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