Attractions in Rwanda

Attractions in Rwanda : Rwanda is such a diverse and beautiful country, when you decide to take a trip down to this small African country, you will be spoilt of choice, what do to where to visit and so on. This is a good dilemma for every tourist because it affirms that Rwanda is perfect destination for a Rwanda safari, with many options. However this dilemma can also be a problem in deciding where you will want to go if you are not well informed of all the attractions in the country.

Age limit for gorilla trekking Rwanda

So to help figure out where you would go and what you would do during your time in Rwanda, here are a few attractions you should look out for when in Rwanda.

  1. Mountain gorillas

Rwanda is home to the famous and endangered mountain gorillas. The country hosts over 100 mountain gorillas living in Volcanoes National Park. These animals are some of the top attractions in the country. Persons who wish to see the mountain gorillas have to go on mountain gorillas trekking experiences in the forested mountain to find the gorillas and spend an hour with them. Mountain gorilla trekking experiences happen all through the year and a mountain gorilla trekking permit costs USD 1500.

5 Days Volcanoes and Kidepo National Park Safari 
Gorilla Trekking in Volcanoes
  1. Other Primates

If you are primate lover, you will enjoy Rwanda. Rwanda has a number of other species that include golden monkeys, chimpanzees, baboons, colubus monkeys and many more. You can trek all these primates in their respective habitats in Volcanoes National Park and Nyungwe National Park Respectively. Trekking prices for these primates vary according to the park, so you should consult with your tour operator before you go on a primate trek.

  1. Kigali Genocide Memorial

In 1994, Rwanda suffered a gruesome genocide that claimed over 800,000 lives and affected the livelihood of the entire country. over 25 years later the country has almost 100% recovered from that nightmare and has rebuilt itself to be one of the top countries in Africa, but its history still remains, it’s part of the country’s unique story.

You can learn more about the genocide when you visit the Kigali Genocide memorial to understand more about the horrific massacre and appreciate how far the country has come in terms of recovery and restoration.

  1. Big Five and savannah animals

Of course if you are visiting the country for a wildlife safari, it would be great for you to visit Akagera National Park for an amazing wildlife safari where you wills see the big five animals that are the lions, buffaloes, rhinos, leopards and elephants. Other animals you will surely see in the park include but not limited to impalas, antelopes, warthogs, topis, hippos and many more.

Attractions in Rwanda
Akagera Wildlife Safari
  1. Birds

Rwanda is home to about 100 bird species spread out in its parks. These birds include but not limited to: – Handsome spur fowl, honey guide, albertine owl, strange weaver, red-faced barbet, shoebill stork and others. You can find these birds in Volcanoes National Park, Nyungwe National Park and Akagera National Park.

  1. Lake Kivu

Lake Kivu, Rwanda’s largest lake in the country’s north is one place you shouldn’t miss to visit. This fresh water lake is a refreshing haven, especially if you have been on an adventurous ride on your trip. You can visit Lake Kivu to refresh and relax, enjoy beautiful sceneries, tour the surrounding communities to learn more about the locals, go for kayaking trips and fishing sprees among other things.

Other attractions in the country include but are not limited to: – the King’s Palace Museum, the ethnographic Museum, the gorilla Guardians Village, the musanze caves, the twin lakes and many more.

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