What to avoid when Gorilla trekking, one should avoid being dehydrated, whenever, possible. Photography is related to military, police government   .

As you go through the trekking trails you should not miss the mammals, birds, primates and many more keep your camera and binoculars ready for use all time.

Avoid stepping out of the tent or lodge at night without a ranger, guide, and touch, in case of bumping into something you do not need to panic .Just in case it has not seen you yet back off and return to the room, do not scream stand still and move backs wards slowly until a few distance between.

Avoid the habit of picking up or collect something during the safari such as Skulls, horns, eggs anything you come across your strictly restricted from picking it as the rules of the National parks are authorized.

Avoid tempting to feed the animals, even if it appears to be friendly unless the ranger or guide has told you so since they are well knowledge and informed about wildlife.

Avoid looking the animals direct in the eyes or taking a number of pictures of the, Gorillas, animals and local people, some cultures in Africa are not impressed of having their photographs.

While taking pictures be very sensitive, though some of them will gladly pose with you if you ask them too. First have a conversation with them then ask if they need to take pictures with you then after show them the photos you taken, they enjoy it.

Do not buy goods that are made out of the endangered resources like ivory coral or skins.

Avoid buying Gorilla permit in Uganda on your own; you can contact the Uganda wildlife Authority using emails or visiting their website. It might sound very simple but often they turn to tour operators who guide them in the whole process.

Use the Tour Operator who is registered under the umbrella of AUTO (Association of Ugandan Tour Operators).

Gorilla trekking is like any other Tourist activity in Africa.

Wear the Gorilla trekking gears, flip-flop sandals, mini-shorts, Tank Tops.

Trek the impenetrable rainforest, full of thick underbrush, thorns, flies, slippery trails, nettles, wasps and many more.

Equatorial Africa, is the higher location in a thick forest you need to wear clothes that cover your  whole body skin, gloves ,hats, think socks, insect repellent.

Avoid trekking without a porter or a trekking stick the trails heads might get difficult.

Do not head in the forest without a walking stick, since their provided for free.


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