Best Nature walk destinations in Uganda : Nature walks are some of the most relaxing activities on a safari. Normally people will take a nature walk to relax from an adventurous activity or to clear their mind. Nature walks are very refreshing and when you take them at place with great scenery and an assortment of nature. You are left in awe of the experience. It’s just magnificent while on Uganda Safaris Tour.

For that reason we are listing down the top nature walk destinations in Uganda. Hopefully they will help you make your decision on where to have a nature walk anytime your in Uganda.

Mabira Forest.

This tropical forest with over 1000 tree species have a superb nature setting for insightful and relaxing walks. On a walk in this forest, you get to see not only the tree species but the numerous birds too that make their home in this forest. The forest has other vegetation that will intrigue you too on your visit to the forest.

Best Nature walk destinations in Uganda
Nature walks in Mabira Forest

Mabira forest  is located in Mukono district along Jinja road about 2 hours from Kampala  city.

Kibale forest

Kibaale forest in Kibaale national park is also another nature walk wonder. The forest has over 700 tree species and other natural vegetation that will amaze you on your walk.

Also when you take a nature walk in Kibaale, you usually end up at the bigodi swamps where you enjoy amazing views of the swampy landscape and a number of water birds.

The forest itself also is home to number of bird species that you can see on your walk.

Kibaale National park is located in western Uganda a few kilometers out of fort portal city.

Lake Mburo National Park

Unlike the first two destinations that have forests and trees, Lake Mburo National Park doesn’t have a have forest but have a rich and magnificent Savannah  vegetation that is just amazing to walk through. Additions to this Savannah vegetation that make your walking experience surreal include the famous lake Mburo that is just beautiful, unique anthill soils and assorted grass among others.

A walk in this beautiful setting gives you a very relaxing and refreshing experience.

Lake Mburo National park is located in lyantonde along the Mbarara highway.

Best Nature walk destinations in Uganda
Lake Mburo National Park nature walks

Bwindi National Park.

Bwindi National park’s environment and forested area is a very surreal place for relaxing and refreshing nature walks. The terrains of the park can also give you an adventurous experience as your take mild climbs on the mountainous landscape.

Usually nature walks in Bwindi National park are done after a mountain gorilla trekking experience to calm down from the tedious gorilla experience.

On a nature walk in Bwindi you will enjoy viewing numerous bird species, tree species, butterflies and beautiful scenes of the surroundings.

Best Nature walk destinations in Uganda
Bwindi Nature Walks

Bunyonyi Lake

The surroundings of lake Bunyonyi have amazing beautiful sceneries that will leave you breathless as you explore the trails around the lake on your nature walk.

On this nature walk you will appreciate the beauty of the lake  and the different islands you are able to see, you will get to spot birds flying over the water and into the forested savannah vegetation that surrounds the lake.

This nature walk can be joined with a community tour into the people communities that make their home around the lake. These tours will help you learn more about the people of the south western region of the country.

Generally nature walks are meant to enable you chill down as you take in the fresh air of the surrounding and the vegetation, so any place that gives you that on your safari is an ideal location for nature walks.

That said this list gives you our top most nature walk destinations.

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