Best Time for African Safaris : African safaris take you on an adventure off the beaten tracks. Discover vast landscapes, diverse ecosystems, and close-up encounters with a wide range of unique wildlife species during the best time for African safaris. African countries have different kinds of climates and all these countries offer different kinds of adventure and lots of entertainment is provided to the visitors that come to visit within.

The weather of Africa is typically tropical, even though common temperatures have a tendency to be decreased via way of means of the region`s excessive elevations. Precipitation is also laid low with various elevations.

Uganda, Tanzania, and western Kenya acquire abundant rainfall, and different international locations consist of Rwanda, Burundi and democratic republic of Congo.

why basically point out those is due to the fact they may be the top maximum visited African countries because of the truth that they are habitants to a number of the world’s exceptional and adorable flora and fauna presenting a big feel of enchantment and lovely adventures to their visitors.

As one plans for a vacation in any African country there are things that are to be considered in the whole process, the safari destination, and time to spend on the safari, where to rest from, and basically what to pack.

but never the less even the best time when to have a safari visit to Africa matters a lot before you start packing your favorite safari outfits, thinking and planning ahead for the time of the year to visit is important because it enhances your safari experience.

The Dry season

An African safari may be accomplished all 12 months spherical eleven though the dry season is recommended, from June to September and December to February. Around this time of the 12 months, you’re maximum possibly to identify a big range of animals wandering/ near water reasserts and because the flora is skinny and short, there may be no obstruction whilst searching out for flora and fauna.

During those months, flora and fauna viewing is at its peak, lodging facilities are all booked up, consequently it’s miles usually recommended to book in advance, in particular for sports such as; gorilla monitoring.

Best Time for African Safaris
Best Time for African Safaris

In the dry season, anticipate heat temperatures for the duration of the day and cold nights for maximum of the areas and National parks. The skies are clean with brilliant daylight permitting you to seize colorful photographs of flora and fauna and appealing landscapes.

Please be conscious that as a great deal as you’re traveling for the duration of the dry season, rain may be anticipated at any time for the duration of those months. Activities exceptional accomplished or appropriate for this time of the 12 months consist of Trekking the gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda as it gives higher surrounding situations for monitoring within the rain forests.

The Rainy season

The wet seasons arise in stages within the months of March to May and September to December. A Uganda safari within the wet season isn’t always as top because the dry season due to the fact there are lush grasslands that impede flora and fauna viewing and additionally the animals have a tendency to transport deep within the bushes, the trails in the national parks get muddy and slippery too.

Some passionate safari people regard the wet season because the high time to tackle an African safari. This is because of the reality that the wet season is an ideal time for pictures with the stunning inexperienced scenery, looking younger ones being born (Calving season for the wildebeest), and birding wherein you get to sight plenty of migratory chicken species. The wet season is lower priced and lodging is at low charges with fewer human beings travelling in the course of this time.

Once you get to know the weather of Africa then you’re ready to get going on any kind of safari in Uganda and you get to enjoy the sceneries that are provided the countries in all different perspectives.

Packing list for an African safaris

there are some of the packing lists that you may need to follow in order to have a safe and nice safari in Africa so as to have a mind thrilling venture, and these may include: Your clothing should be lightweight, breathable, hand-washable, and quick-drying, preferably moisture wicking and non-cotton.

Long trousers (zip-off pants are very useful)

Shorts, mid-thigh or longer

Short-sleeved shirts


Sweater, jacket, windbreaker

Raincoat and/ or rain poncho

Sun hat


Sunscreen crème

And so very many others that you may need to have according to your packing will but remember to carry these as well.

African safaris is an activity that and tourists to Africa love to consider first before anything else because of its lovely offers that it gives to them get to see wildlife in its true habitant and learn more about them on your African safari.

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