Best Time to Visit Rwanda in 2023 : Rwanda is a fantastic destination for safaris and vacations. This small country in East Africa offers so much to its visitors from its breath taking beauty, unmatchable nature, diverse wildlife and the unique culture.

However, if you visit the country during the wrong season or the nit so favorable season you may not experience anything good, that’s why we are here to help you understand the best times to visit Rwanda this year 2023.

Rwanda is famous for numerous things but most importantly the rare mountain gorillas that live in the Virunga massif, the thousand hills across the country, of course not forgetting the 1994 genocide and many other things.

On your visit to Rwanda you can be sure to have an experience of your life trekking primates (mountain gorillas, chimpanzees and golden monkeys), viewing wildlife like elephants, lions, buffaloes, zebras and rhinos among others, watching birds from albertine birds to over 200 various species of birds, hiking the untamable Mount Karisimbi and a number of other mountains, exploring the Kivu lake and of course visiting the natives and the learning more about Rwanda and its recovery from the Genocide.

Well, you should know that you can experience this and much more any time of the year in Rwanda, however the months between June and September are considered the best to visit Rwanda because the weather is dry and everything is bright compared to the rest of the year.  In simple words the conditions are ideal for most safari activities especially trekking the mountain gorillas.

Also during the dry season the risk of contracting malaria is at its lowest because the conditions don’t favor mosquitoes breeding.

Movement to and from places in the dry season is smooth because the roads are dry and smooth even the un-tarmacked road are passable so you get where you want to go easily and quickly.

Because in the dry season, local businesses expect tourists, they are well stocked and active, you will have a lot of merchandise and services easy to get and find anywhere in Rwanda.

Communities tours are comprehensive, people are out and going about their normal routine without much interruptions so you will visit communities and get the full feel of the community. You will not miss out anything.

Best Time to Visit Rwanda in 2023
Best Time to Visit Rwanda in 2023

If you are going for hiking, you will definitely have the time of your life. The hiking slopes are quite dry and easier to maneuver unlike in the rainy season. Though do not be fooled by the sun, the mountains have their own weather so for a hiking trip be prepared for anything.

Dry seasons are also the best times to watch wildlife in the park gather around water sources to quench their thirst. And if you are lucky you will most animals gathered together in shades cooling off from the sun. However on the down side you will not see a lot of action from these animals.

Talking about water, the dry seasons are also the best times to take that boat ride and enjoy the scenery of nature on top of the water and if you are daring you can jump into a swimming pool to cool off either way you enjoy the water.

Generally Rwanda is a beautiful country that you should plan to visit sometime this year. Though as we have stated between June and September are the driest months and most weather friendly months to visit the country, you should know you can enjoy Rwanda anytime of the year and whether should not be your only determining factor.

So don’t put that though off, make a call to one of tour consultants for more insights about Rwanda and plan your visit now.

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