Birding In Uganda : Uganda is a rich blessed country with so many attractions that leads many people to travel from many different places of the world, which contributes a lot towards the development of the tourism industry of Uganda.  More so, Uganda is also considered and famously known as a birders paradise because it is a home to many large numbers of unique bird species hence, which makes it an excellent birding safari for tourists who opt to do so from this country. Apart from the birds, Uganda is known to have a good warm climate compared to the climate in other countries. It also has stunning water bodies like Lake Victoria, which is known to be the largest lake in the country, River Nile that is largest river, Lake Kyoga and Lake Albert among others, and it is surrounded with a cool green vegetation, many interesting different cultures that happen to have unique characters and speak different languages.

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More so, exploring in Uganda it does not only grant tourists chances of engaging in bird watching activities but also other exciting and adventurous activities like;  game drives, hiking, guided nature walks, lion tracking, guided nature walks through the dense forests, boat cruises, hot air ballooning, gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking, canoeing, golden monkey tracking and many others.

Where to see Birds in Uganda.

Bird lovers exploring in Uganda on a Uganda Birding safari with an aim of seeing many bird species can visit places like the national parks and within the dense forests where they get great opportunities to see various numbers of unique species. More so these individuals are encouraged to carry along the binoculars, which helps them to capture clear views of the birds even when they are in a distance. Therefore, some of these national parks include;

Murchison falls national park.  

Murchison falls national park is famously known, as the largest national park in Uganda and it is located within Masindi district in the Northern region, which covers a total, surface area of about 3,893 square kilometers. This national park is ranked to be among the best destinations for birding activities in the country because it is a home to around 450 bird species and therefore exploring within this park gives you chances to see bird species like; the Goliath Heron, the Malachite kingfisher, the red-throated bee, swamp flycatcher, the rare shoebill stork, squaco heron, African Jacana, African quali finch, Northern red bishop, Abyssinian ground hornbill, African Quali finch, Black billed babrbet, Eastern grey plaintain-eater and many others.

Queen Elizabeth National park.

Queen Elizabeth national park is a second largest national park which is considered as the most visited park in Uganda and it is also ranked among the best birding spots in the country because it is a home of about 600 bird species which attract large numbers of bird lovers to travel from all over the parts of the world. Therefore, exploring and touring around this park gives you chances to see unique bird species like; the pied and malachite king fisher, the grey-capped warbler African skimmer, Eagle-owl, the Martial Eagle, the grey headed king fisher, Verreaux’, swamp flycatcher, collared prantincole, Gabon, white-winged terns, slender-tailed night jars, black-headed gonolek and many others.

Birding In Uganda
Birding in Queen Elizabeth N.P

Mabamba Bay Wetland.

The Mabamba Bay Wetland is famously known to be among the few places where the rare shoebill stork can be spotted and it is located along the edges of Lake Victoria. However there are other bird species like; the black kite, the African open billed stork, the papyrus Gonolex, the pied kingfisher, malachite king fisher, swamp flycatcher, African Marsh harrier and many others.

Kibale National park.

Kibale national park is also the best destination for bird lovers to visit because it is a home to over 375 bird species and it is a good habitat because it is surrounded with a good vegetation. Therefore some of these bird species that are available and bird lovers can spot while touring around this park include; the dusky-blue flycatcher, the purple breasted sunbird, the pigeon, the red chested owlet, the grey throated flycatcher and many others. More so, visiting in this park also gives you a chance to engage in chimpanzee trekking activities because this park is famously known for harbouring many chimpanzees.

Apart from the above mentioned places, there are many more spots to visit and get a good experience while on a Uganda birding safari and these destinations include; Mgahinga Gorilla national park, Bwindi Impenetrable national park, Lake Bunyonyi, Rwenzori mountains national park, Lake Mburo national park, Budongo forest, Entebbe beaches like; Lido beach among others.

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