Book your safari trip on social media

Book your safari trip on social media : Uganda is currently in a 42 day lockdown and because of that most business services have had to move online to complement service delivery and access for their clients. As a tour operator we have also continued to enhance our online services and we are glad to inform you that you can now book your safari trip with us through our social media platforms.


We have accounts on three social media platforms which are Facebook, Twitter an Instagram. Our handles on all these platforms are @Achieveglobalsafaris. We also have a whatsApp line +256702613081 if you prefer to WhatsApp

To help you book your safari trip smoothly below we have outlined the steps to follow while booking a safari trip on social media. The steps listed below are to be used for facebook, instagram and twitter; if you are using WhatApp just send a hello message, our tour consultant will respond in a few minutes.

  1. Find the social media handle

Depending on the social media platform you prefer, find our social media handles @achieveglobalsafaris. All our pages have our logos on so you, you will find them easily.

  1. Choose a safari packages

When you are on the handle you will then look through the safari packages available. Almost 90% of our safari packages are available on our social media pages so it’s a matter of perusing through to see which works best for you.

After you have looked through all of them, you will choose the one that appeal to you most or one that meets most of your preferences.

Book your safari trip on social media
Book your safari trip on social media

You will then click on that package and it will redirect you to the messaging option.

  1. Send message

When you’re redirected to the messaging, you will type in your message and then send it, our tour consultant will respond to you immediately or within 30 minutes. You can also use the messaging option to inquire about our services, give feedback or just share your views on our safaris

  1. Discuss with tour consultant

When the tour consultant responds, you will now start a discussion where you will discuss all the details of the safari, the itinerary, desired dates of safari, accommodation preferences, activities you would want to do,  the other stuff you want to be included in the safari and many more things. Our tour consultant will work with you all the way until you find what will work for you on your safari.

You should note that this discussion may take hours or days, depending on the different things you want from the safari.

After the discussion with the tour consultant, we hope you will have concluded on the safari you want, and then you will more on to the next step.

  1. Payment

For your booking to be confirmed, you need to pay at least a 50% deposit. This 50% helps us to organise all the things you need for your safari and get them ready for you when you get here.

Payments are made online through the bank or a given online financial platform. The tour consultant will share with you all the details of the payments and after payments he/she will issue you online receipts to confirm receipt of payment and booking of safari trip.

  1. Plan to come for the trip

When you have made the payments and received receipts, you can then plan to come for your trip; because at this stage your trip will be fully booked and just waiting for you to have it.

As simple as that, you would have booked your safari trip on social media.

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