Buniga Forest

Buniga Forest, is one of the gorgeous hidden treasures in Bwindi National park where diverse flora and Fauna populations that are escorted by the local community of the regional guides. Buniga forest reserve, the forest adjacent to Bwindi National Park in  Kisoro District.

The forest has  increased encroachment on the forest with biodiversity and forest values of great production, Buniga forest was created by NCDF this was to protect the forest and to manage the ecotourism plans that  benefits the communities.


Discover the flora, Fauna in the forest.

Trail the forest adventure you will have a chance to spot a number of mammals, bird species and many more.

Adventure the forests.

The local conservation activities help in community development.

The local people benefit from the Tourism sector.

The culture tour, one visits the Batwa trails in order to explore   how the first people lived in the forest before they were chased away from the forest these were the local keepers of the ancient.

Buniga forest reserve in the south part of Bwindi impenetrable national park, Batwa experience is amazing with you learn about a number of ancient times how they cooked, farmed, dressed and many more.

The Buniga forest is located in Nkuringo Bwindi sector, the forest trails have a great value, wildlife birding and plant species.

The forest walks have a variety of cultural, wildlife, bird and plant species on amazing trails.

Buniga forest experience will give you the best knowledge on the homeland culture, attractions.

However a lot of rich biodiversity were lost due to settlement, farming, constructions, although there some conserved areas such as the hiking trails, wildlife, and many.


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