Burning questions about safaris

Burning questions about safaris : In this season as countries continue to learn to live with covid-19 and fight it effectively a lot of things have changed in several sectors. These changes have caused a lot of uncertainty for several travellers and hence raising numerous questions about safaris and tours in East Africa. Below we provide some answers to some burning questions about safaris in this season.

  1. Is East Africa safe (Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania)?

As far as we know, East Africa is safe and okay for you to visit. Like it is for most countries in the world all the four countries have covid-19 cases however the countries are all operating under strict covid-19 protocols and Sops,; which make them safe.

  1. Is Uganda still open for tourism?

Yes, Uganda is still open for tourism, though the country is under a 42 day total lockdown the tourism sector is one of the sectors that were left open and operational.

This means you can still have your safari in Uganda in this season.

  1. Can I access all the tourism sites in Uganda?

Yes, you can access all tourism sites in Uganda. Even if the country is under a 42 day lockdown, the tourism sector is open which means all tourism sites are open and receiving tourists.

  1. Can I have an East African safari to all four countries (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda)?

Yes, this is very possible; you can absolutely have an East African safari to all the four countries. However you should note that though this is possible, because of these unprecedented times, each country has different guidelines and requirements for entry. So you should inquire with your tour operator and travel agent for clarity on the different requirements for each country and put them into consideration.

Burning questions about safaris
Burning questions about safaris
  1. Are flights to Uganda and Kenya operational?

Yes, the flights to Uganda and Kenya are operational. If you wish to connect from Uganda to Kenya and vice versa, inquire with your travel agent to advice on which airlines offer those respective flights.

  1. Does Uganda Airlines offer regional flights?

Yes, Uganda Airlines offers several regional flights. Though the Uganda Airline flights to each region are scheduled on particular days, so you should check their airline’s website to learn more about their schedule and book your flights accordingly.

  1. Are Rwanda tourism discounts still on?

Yes, Rwanda Tourism discounts are still on, these particular tourism discounts are expected to run until December 2022. However you should note that terms and conditions apply for some discounts so you should inquire with your tour operator and find out how best you can take advantage of a discount.

  1. If I book for a mountain gorilla trekking experience in June but want to have it in July or any other month, do the UWA promotional offers still apply?

Unfortunately this cannot be possible. On 30th June 2021 when the UWA promotional offers end everything will go back to their usual prices so if your mountain gorilla trekking booking crosses to July, you will be asked to top on the amount you already paid.

  1. Does Kenya have Safari offers?

Yes Kenya has safari offers, though these offers are applicable to some places and not applicable to others. Therefore we advise that you check with your tour operator to guide you on what offers are available – where and how you can take advantage of them.

  1. Am I able to do a Kampala city tour?

Kampala city tours are done all through the year in Uganda’s capital Kampala, so you’re able to do a city tour in Kampala. However Uganda is under a 42 day lockdown so the tour is not possible now but can be done when the lockdown is lifted.

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