Can i Connect to Kidepo Valley National Park from Volcanoes National Park : When people plan to have safaris in East Africa, they usually pick out National parks they prefer to visit depending on their preferences, activities they would love to do on their safari, the park’s services, and the tourist’s budget among other things. Most cases tourists will want to visit about three or four national parks on their safari either in one East African country or in 2 or 3 different East African countries.

East African is made up of 5 major East African countries; 6 if you add south Sudan, but the ones known majorly are Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi. All the East African countries are wildlife hubs with each country offering you a unique and beautiful wildlife experience. So it’s not uncommon that’s when tourists choose to safari in East Africa they want to visit National parks in more than one East African country.

Because mountain gorilla trekking is a famous tourist activity, tourist usually plan to visit Rwanda or Uganda for a mountain gorilla trekking experience and then continue on to another park or another country in East Africa to have a wildlife safari viewing other land and water mammals.

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So to answer the question can I connect to Kidepo National Park from Volcanoes National Park?

The answer is yes, you absolutely can. You can connect to Kidepo National Park from Volcanoes National Park by air or by road or by both.

By air

When you’re using air to connect to the two parks, you will complete you tip in Volcanoes National Park and then head to the Kigali International airport, where you will catch a flight to Uganda. You will arrive in Uganda and spend a night in the Entebbe area. The next you will catch a domestic flight from Entebbe to Kidepo National Park for your safari experience in Kidepo.

By Road

Using Road for this connection will be the most adventurous experience but also the most tiring and time consuming experience considering the total distance you will have to cover. After your safari experience in Volcanoes National Park, you will drive to Uganda’s capital Kampala for about 10 to 12 hours. When you arrive in Kampala you will rest for the day before you embark on another journey to Kidepo. You will be up the next day and you will then start a 10 hour journey to Kidepo National Park in Northern Uganda.


By both Air and Road

When you choose to use both air and road for the connection, you will complete you safari in Volcanoes National Park and then head to the Kigali International airport to catch a flight to Uganda. When you arrive in Uganda, you will have an overnight stay in Entebbe and the next day you will embark on a 10 hour journey to Kidepo National park for the continuation of your East African safari.

Volcanoes National Park is the most popular park in Rwanda, harbouring over 200 mountain gorillas which are the biggest attraction in the park and the area. The park is credited with the most friendly mountain gorilla trekking trails compared to other habitats in Uganda and DRC. A visit to Volcanoes National Park gives you an opportunity to experience the famous mountain gorillas and other primates like the golden monkeys among other things.

Kidepo National Park is one of the top wildlife parks in Uganda. The park is home to over 200 animal species that include the cheetah and over 500 bird species that are great attraction to tourists. The park is also gifted with several spectacular features like the seasonal river, the diverse flora and many more.

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