Can I have a mountain gorilla trekking safari in one day? Yes and No! Mountain gorilla trekking safaris are some of the many safaris offered in the East African region. In a year over 10000 people combined visit Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic republic of Congo to experience these unique and rare creatures.

And because of the popularity of the mountain gorilla trekking safaris, travelers  never want to miss an opportunity to have one, but they also want to have a chance to explore the other parts of east Africa and see the Savannah animals too.

So hence the question can I have a mountain gorilla trekking safari in one day?

So in the article we shall answer this question by giving you an overview of a mountain gorilla trekking safari.

The trekking and mountain gorilla viewing experience is done in one day. It usually starts in the morning at 7am with a briefing at the park head quarters and then you head out to the forest trek for a couple of hours before you find the gorillas and spend one hour with them before you descend the mountainous forest back to the park headquarters. This whole experience takes about 6 to 9 hours of the day depending on which gorilla park your trekking.

Usually trekking in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda takes the least time and trekking in Bwindi National park in Uganda takes the most time.

So basically the experience is a day experience and the whole day experience.

The entire safari on the other hand is a 2 or 3 days experience minimum still depending on the park you are  trekking at. The safari involves the time you take to travel to the park and the time you leave; if you are doing any other activities at the park those are also considered part of the safari. So when you put all that in consideration the least days for mountain gorilla trekking safari will be 3 days.

The breakdown

Day one: Day one will be the day you travel to the mountain gorilla park. The four gorilla parks have different travel time from different location.

Bwindi National park is Uganda is 9 hours from Kampala city Uganda and 6 hours from Kigali Rwanda.

Mgahinga National park in Uganda is 9 to 10 hours from Uganda’s capital Kampala and about 5 hours from Kigali, Rwanda.

Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda is about 2 to 3 hours from the capital Kigali and 12 hours from Kampala, Uganda.

For Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, you take about 4 hours from Goma to the park. However the time you take to get Goma depends on where you are coming from.

Can I have a mountain gorilla trekking safari in one day?
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Generally day one will be used to get to the mountain gorilla park.

Day two: is when you actually have the mountain gorilla trekking experience; as stated above it can take about 6 to 8 hours. And usually after you are done with the experience you are worn out you will just head back to your accommodation for a nights rest.

Day three: is when you leave the park to returning to you starting point or head to a different destination all together. You can also opt to stay in the park and have other safari activities in the park.

All mountain gorilla trekking parks have other additional activities like bird watching, forest tours, nature walks, mountain climbing, mountain biking, community tours and many others.

In Volcanoes National Park you get to get to hike the Virunga massifs and visit the Diany fossey center.

In Uganda’s Mgahinga National Park you will also hike the Virunga Massif and visit lakes Mutanda and Bunyonyi.

And when you are done with your other activities in the park you will leave the park.

So your mountain gorilla trekking safari length will depend on your itinerary.

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