Celebrate Labour Day in the wild

Celebrate Labour Day in the wild : May 1st is Labour Day; a day that celebrates workers across the world. This is an international day that is recognized almost in all countries around the world. Different countries celebrate the day differently some give a public holiday to the workers and others have state events to commemorate the day and other things. In Uganda we have both the public holiday and commemoratory events.

Usually May 1st lands on a weekday and after the public holiday you have to return back to work the next day. This year May 1st is landing on a weekend meaning you have a blank cheque for the day to do anything you would love to do on the day. That’s why we want to interest you with spending and celebrating this year’s Labour Day in the wild: and here are some of the reasons why this is such a good idea.

  • The public holiday is falling on a Saturday, so that day after is Sunday meaning you still have plenty of time to enjoy the wild and then get back home to refresh rest and get ready for the work week ahead.
  • The wild is refreshing; being in the wild alone, breathing in the fresh air enjoying beautiful wild creatures and sceneries is purely refreshing that is will help you forget all the stress of your work and the world for a moment.
  • The wild is also adventurous and fun; it would be nice for you to get out of your usual box and take on the fun adventures of the wild.
  • It’s a fun way to learn about the different facets of wildlife.
  • Above all it will be a great experience for you to explore the wild and not enjoy different kind of nature outside your normal routine.

Now that you know why we think it’s a good idea for you to celebrate Labour Day in the wild below are some of the wild places that you can visit on your Labour Day wildlife safari. It’s important to note that since is only the weekend you will have a two day itinerary but it will still be fantastic. You will travel to the wild on 1st May and then travel back to your home on 2nd May.

During your two day wild experience you will have activities like game viewing, boat rides, nature walks and birding; and here are the places you can visit for those activities.

  • Murchison Falls National Park

At the Murchison Falls National Park you will be able to enjoy a boat ride down the Nile River, have a game drive to view the several animal species in the park and then have a top of the falls experience. This all can be done in you 2 day safari and you will still be home in time to rest and refresh for the come ahead.

Labour Day in the wild

  • Lake Mburo National Park

You will enjoy game viewing, a boat ride and a nature walk at Lake Mburo National Park. This is a small park and one of the parks closest to the Ugandan capital so you can actually have all these activities in one day.

  • Queen Elizabeth National Park

At Queen Elizabeth National Park you will enjoy amazing game drives coupled with lion tracking then a boat ride on the Kazinga channel and if time allows you will enjoy a nature walk to explore the savannah plains of the park

  • Kibale National Park

This will be a primate experience, you will have the opportunity to trek chimpanzees in the kibale rain forest and then after have a birding spree and a nature in the bigodi swamps.

  • Mabira forest

If you are into birding and adventurous activities, this will be your best bet. In the Mabira forest you will enjoy foresting trekking as you explore the forest and bird watch and then will have a zip lining experience and then you will have a picnic meal time in the forest as you retire for the day.

  • Sipi Falls

At the Sipi Falls you will hike up the waterfalls to experience their beauty from the top and then have coffee plantation tours and community visits.

All these experience will give you a great time on your Labour day and trust us you will be refreshed after the experience; so don’t hesitate book your labour day weekend safari now.

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