Children Friendly Safari Activities : Going on safaris with children is something most parents and guardians desire especially on safaris that fall on long holidays like the Easter holiday or during the summer break when kids are on break from school. It’s always joyous to enjoy the wild adventure with your little ones or as a family; there are moments and memories that last a lifetime.

On top of just having lasting memories, wildlife safaris are also great opportunities for children to learn more about flora and fauna; and the wild at large.

Well, though safaris with children are desirable, not all safari activities are suitable for children, so as you choose to go for a safari with your child, you need to be sure the safari activities in your itinerary, favour their involvement. To help you narrow down to the best choice, we have made a list of some of the children friendly safari activities in available in some of our safari packages.

  1. Game viewing and Game drives

Game viewing is basically observing the different animals in the wild and this is best done on game drives where you are driven through a game park in a secure safari car. The safari cars are hard bodied and safe, they are also comfortable inside so they can accommodate the children well. Given that in this activity you’re just seated in you ride and observing the animals from the inside, its one activity that is great for children. They stay safe and still enjoy the experience of seeing very many animals in one sitting.


Children Friendly Safari Activities
Game viewing
  1. Bird watching

Like the game drives, during bird watching you are usually in a safari car with your binoculars looking out for the different birds in their different habitants. This makes this activity pretty safe and convenient for children participation.

  1. Boat rides

Especially for kids 7 and above, boat rides are a great experience for them and safe too. The kids get to enjoy the waters in a special way, observing the waves, water animals and other exciting features. Like a safari car, boats are usually spacious and safe for its users. However because its water some extra precaution is taken like wearing of life jackets and other safety guidelines. so even as you engage your child in a boat ride, you need to be sure they will adhere to the safety precautions. Otherwise this would be a very fun activity for them.

  1. Community Tours

Usually these are walks taken to local communities around the safari location to allow you to learn more about the area and the locals of the land. On this walks kids get to experience life in a different perceptive and interacting with the locals of the area surely is delightful for both the adults and the kids. Also these community tours you get to participate in some of the community activities like storytelling, dance, songs, harvesting, meal preparation and many more which we feel your kids will really love.

Children Friendly Safari Activities
Community Tours
  1. Nature walks

When you visit safari areas with rich flora, you usually take nature walks to take in the flora and the others aspects of the flora. Nature walks are very refreshing and educational for a child. Kids will get to appreciate the environment’s importance to human life and also learn about trees, vegetation etc. To top it all the walks allow the parents to bond with their children in a more calm setting. Usually the walks end with a picnic where you sit eat and take in all you have seen on the walk which if you ask me if pretty fun.

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