Chimpundu safari lodge is located in the western region of Uganda in Kibale National park, it is situated in an area that is estimated to be about 309 kilometers from Kampala city, and tourists drive about 4 to 5 hours to access the lodge. Chimpundu safari lodge is ranged as a luxury safari lodge which is considered as the best option of a lodge where the tourists who are always exploring in Kibale national park on a Uganda Chimpanzee safari can always opt to have their stay and it also favourable for other tourists in the neighbouring national parks like; Semuliki national park, Rwenzori mountains national park, Queen Elizabeth national park among others.

Chimpundu safari lodge is constructed and designed with natural materials for example the rooms are raised high with a wooden plat form and stones which blend in the surrounding environment and it has around 10 luxurious rooms which contain an en-suite clean bathroom which has both cold and warm showers, big and comfortable beds, large and clean towels, flushing toilets, free toiletries, charging sockets in the corners, mosquito nets, television where guests watch news in order to keep updated on what is happening the world despite of the fact of being on a vacation or trip, fire place in the living room and good sofas sit to warm themselves in case the weather gets too cold and a private balcony where guests sit and relax off the long as they capture good classic views of the national park.

However, the rooms that are always available for the guests at chimpundu safari lodge are ranged differently and put in different classes for example; from budget, mid-range and luxury which enables guests to choose where to stay according to what they prefer and what matches which room matches with their budget. more so, individuals who plan to have their stay at this safari lodge are always required to pay a fee of about 200 USD per night and they should take note that the prices and the rates of these rooms always vary depending on the season for example; the rates always go high during the peak season and go low during the low season.

Facilities offered at Chimpundu safari lodge.


Chimpundu safari lodge has a good restaurant that has good experienced chefs and well-trained waiters who that are well behaved and so welcoming to their guests. This restaurant serves its guests with delicious meals, which are both local and international on the menu, and visitors always have a chance to choose what they would prefer to take. More so, visitors can be served their meals inside, outside the restaurant, or in their rooms depending on what they are comfortable with and prefer.


Chimpundu restaurant has a well-stocked bar that is is filled with a plenty of all different types of drinks such as; liquors, beers, spirits, cocktails, wines, local brews, and soft drinks like sodas and juice. Therefore, the bar is always a good place for the guests to go chill and take some drinks as they get opportunities to also make new friends as they interact with other people in the bar. Swimming pool. Chimpundu safari lodge has an outdoor infinity swimming pool where guests who have some good swimming skills always go to and cool off the hot long day by swimming especially for those guests who engage in activities like chimpanzee trekking all day and return back to lodge tired, swimming is one of the best ways to make you feel better as you relax. While at swimming pool, visitors are also always capture stunning views of the national park and sight see at some of the wildlife species wandering in the park such as;  Zebras, spotted hyenas, buffalos, oribi, leopards, lions, elephants and many others.

Chimpundu safari lodge
Chimpundu safari lodge

Free WI-FI.

Chimpundu safari lodge has free WI-FI that is always available for the guests to use and this helps visitors to keep good communication with their people back at home. More it helps guests who are fun of social media to always post and keep their updated and see how there are having a good time during their stay at the lodge.

More so, chimpundu safari lodge offers its guests with other services like; a 24 hour room service which helps guests to be attended to at any time they are in need of anything hence making their choice to stay at this lodge satisfactory and worth it, free parking is offered to the guests who come with their cars, a 24 hour tight security which is always available with an aim of ensuring  the safety for their guests, laundry and ironing services and free breakfast which is always served to the guests within their rooms, well equipped gym, car hire, gift shops, standby generator, a sauna, conference hall, forex exchange traders, pickups and drop offs to the airport  and many others.

More so, tourists having their stay at chimpundu safari lodge also always have opportunities to engage themselves in interesting and exiciting activities where they gain new experiences and create good memories whereby they always use their phones and cameras to take pictures and record videos of anything interesting that captures their sight. And these activities include; chimpanzee trekking which is famously known to attract many tourists to travel to kibale national park, bird watching, hot spring trips, water fall hiking which is best done in Semuliki national park, chimpanzee habituation, mountain biking, cultural encounters and community visits, golden monkey tracking, crater lake tours in Kyaninga and many others.

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