Combined Safari: What you need to know : Combined safaris are some of the popular Uganda safari packages we offer or you may find in most of your safari searches. Almost for every 10 searches you make on safaris, you will land onto a combined safari itinerary here or there. If you are a safari lover, and would like to have a safari this season or any time in the future, you must have wondered or must be curious to know what combined safaris are really?, what makes them different? , what should you know about them and many more.

In this article we want to give you some insights on combined safaris and hopefully by the time you complete the article you will have a greater understanding of safaris and combined safari.

Combined Safari: What you need to know
Combined Safari: What you need to know

Safari: This is an expedition to view and explore nature, flora and fauna in their natural habitat.

Combine: Means to put things, places or itineraries together.

A combined safari therefore is a safari that contains two or more itineraries put together to make one big itinerary. These are itineraries join what would have been done as separate safaris and make it as one safari that you take over a given period.

So what does this kind of safari entail?

  1. Longer itinerary or safari time

Because they are combined safaris they definitely will take a longer time than a single safari. Combined safaris may take a minimum of 7 days and as many as 21 days. So depending on which places you want to traverse and see, you may be on a safari for many days.

  1. Across countries

Combined safaris usually are across countries, thus on one combined safari you get to safari in two or more countries, start from one and end in another. Like in East Africa you can have a combined safari to like Rwanda Safari , Uganda and Kenya on one safari trip; since you can use an East African visa to access all the three countries, so this is possible.

But even the other countries that use different visas, you can still have them on a combined safari, you just have to plan for visa acquisitions differently.

Overall the point is you get to tour a number of countries at once.

  1. Diverse safari

With the visiting of different wild life habitats in different countries you get to enjoy what we call a diverse safari. Each country and safari destination will have different features, flora and fauna hence the diversity. You will enjoy a wide array of natural ecosystems in one trip compared to safari at one destination on your Uganda safari.

Combined Safari: What you need to know
Combined Safari: What you need to know
  1. Can be costly but give value for money

When planning for a combined safari you will definitely spend more than you would have spent on a single destination safari, however when you think about it or better still when you add up the money you have spent doing the safaris separately, you find that you spent were lower than you would have spent.

That said, before you take a combined safari, please make sure you have enough to take you through this long trip.

  1. Fun and tiring

With the lots of travel that come with the combined safari, it’s inevitably hard for you not to get worn out or somewhat overwhelmed – so it’s tiring. However, the fun and adventure on these safaris compensate for the tiring moments. Hence you just prepare for both.

Those are some of the things you need to know about the combined safaris, but if you need more information or want to book a combined safari you can contact one of our tour consultants.

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