Cost of a COVID-19 PCR test for tourists in Uganda

Cost of a COVID-19 PCR test for tourists in Uganda : The COVID-19 PCR test in Uganda costs 30 USD for tourists in Uganda and all people entering and exiting the country. The COVID-19 PCR test is a polymerase chain reaction test that detects specific substances in organisms. In this case the PCR test detects the COVID-19 virus or agents in a person’s sample.  Since the world is still fighting the COVID-19 pandemic the PCR test is being used worldwide to test for COVID-19 in people of course in hospitals and at most borders of some countries to help early detection of the virus in people entering and exiting the country.

In Uganda all persons entering and exiting the country are subjected to COVID-19 test, those entering on arrival and those departing at least 24 hours before boarding the plane. For those entering the country they do a PCR test on arrival on top of presenting a negative COVID-19 test certificate for a COVID-19 test done not more than 72 hours prior to boarding the plane. This PCR test on arrival is mandatory for everyone.

If you are a tourist visiting the country, when you arrive in the country after clearing with customs you will be driven to the COVID-19 testing centre which is about 15 minutes from the airport, where your sample will be taken. After taking your sample you will wait for the results either at the testing centre or at a ministry of health designated hotel at your own cost. The PCR test results take about 4 to 5 hours to be out, so that’s how long you will wait. When the results are out, you will be allowed to continue with your trip if they are negative, however if they are positive you will be required to isolate in a designated government facility where you will be observed and given treatment.

Cost of a COVID-19 PCR test for tourists in Uganda
PCR Test

If you have negative results you continue on to explore the beautiful pearl of Africa. Uganda is definitely a wonder for anyone exploring the country, its rich and diverse nature, wildlife and cultures will leave you in awe.

Uganda is home to over 1000 mammal species spread out in the different game reserves across the country. Some of the animals your find in Uganda include the big five animals which are Rhinos, Lions, Elephants, Buffaloes and leopards, primates mainly the mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, baboons, monkeys and many more plus all the other animals like cheetahs, zebras, giraffes, antelopes, kobs, waterbucks etc.

These animals can be found in any of the parks below

  • Bwindi National Park and Mgahinga National Park for mountain gorillas
  • Kibale National Park for chimpanzees and other primates
  • Queen Elizabeth National Park
  • Kidepo National Park
  • Ziwa Sanctuary for Rhinos
  • Murchison Falls National Park
  • Lake Mburo National Park

In the above parks you will also find a variety of  birds including but not limited to:-Ostriches, Turacos, Oystercatchers, Plovers and lapwings, Cormorants, Pelicans, Shoebill stork , Herons, egrets, Hawks, eagles, Ground-hornbills, African, Fairy flycatchers among others, so if you are a bird lover you will also enjoy bird watching at any of the national parks on Uganda.

Other tourism activities you can do in Uganda include boat rides, nature walks, forest tours, hiking sprees, community tours, horseback riding, water adventures and many others activities.

You should know though that because of the COVID-19 era you will be required to observe all the COVID-19 SOPs even as you have your tourism activities. The SOPs are wearing a face mask at all times, washing your hands with soap regularly or sanitising your hands regularly and keeping a social distance of 2 meters between you and other persons.

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