Covid19 Standard operating procedures for boat rides in this season

Covid19 Standard operating procedures for boat rides in this season : In this season as the world continues to adjust to life and business in the midst of the deadly coronavirus standard operating procedures have become the norm among social interactions in the different areas of life.

These Covid19 standard operating procedures that are currently being used worldwide are helping minimise the spread of the coronavirus among people even as life returns to normal after months of lockdown.

Some of the sectors have since reopened after the lockdown is the tourism sector with steadily growing numbers of tourists visiting the country and engaging in different safari activities that include but not limited to: – primate trekking, game drives, hiking, birding and boat rides among others.  All these activities are done under strict Covid19 standard operating procedures and this article we discuss some of the covid19 standard operating procedures you have to observe on a boat ride. These procedures apply especially to those taking public boat rides.

  1. Book a boat ride

Unlike before, long before covid19 where you would just show up for a boat ride without prior booking; in this season you have to book for a boat ride so that the boat crew will expect you and save you a seat; this is because the seats available on the boat ride have had to be reduced to accommodate the social distancing that is required among people.

  1. Social distance

As you take the boat ride you will either be required to sit or stand about 2 to 3 meters apart to allow for enough social distancing space between you and the other people on the bottle ride with you. This distance will greater reduce the chances of you getting the coronavirus or you spreading it to the other people on the boat ride.

  1. Wear a Mask

Wearing a Mask is a non-negotiable in these days, so even on a boat ride you will be required to wear a face mask and to keep it on during the entire time of the boat ride. The mask must also be worn correctly completely covering your mouth and nose so that just in case you have the virus you don’t spit it out in the air to others as you speak or sneeze; and vice versa is true you may also breathe it in from the air from someone, so the mask is very important.

  1. Avoid touching and hand shaking

The boats are already sanitised even before you get onto them, so they give you about a 88%  chance of no virus in the boat, but still it’s important that while you are on the boat ride you avoid touching any surface just for just or rather be careful which surfaces you touch.

Covid19 Standard operating procedures for boat rides in this season
Covid19 Standard operating procedures for boat rides in this season

This touching also applies to the people you are with on the boat ride, you shouldn’t be touching anyone you didn’t board the boat with so you should avoid touching generally body contact with others. This can also include hand shaking, hugs and many other things that may be termed as body contact.

  1. Hand washing or sanitising

You should hand wash as you get on to the boat, the boat crew has provided hand washing facilities for people to wash their hands as they get on to the boat ride. Also it would be prudent of you if you continuously sanitise your hands as you are on the boat ride.

  1. Don’t crowd at entrance and exit points

To keep with the requirement of social distancing you should allow to be guided by the boat ride crew on the queues to enter and exit so that you don’t crowd at the entrance and exit points, especially to ensure social distancing is maintained.

These are the top six Sops that you may need to adhere to on your boat ride experience; however you should note that different boat crews may add a few sops still for your safety and everyone on the boat ride.

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