Covid19 status in Uganda: how does it affect travelling : In the month of June the ministry of health in Uganda has reported an increase in the cases of COVID19 both in the capital city and the other cities countrywide. The rise in the number of cases though not worrying raises some concerns among people.

Especially now, the peak season for safaris, vacations and getaways one may wonder is it safe to visit Uganda? Do the rise in cases after my travel to East Africa? Has anything changed? Among other questions.

Well in this article we are sharing the COVID19 status update from the ministry of health and all the other information that you may need to know as you inquire, book and plan for your African  safari or travel.

It’s true the number of COVID19 cases has gone up in Uganda during the month of June it’s not worrying. From the ministry of health communication the cases present with symptoms and actually don’t need hospitalization

Also a good number of the Ugandan population has been vaccinated so there’s hope for immunity among the people. Plus if you are traveling, chances are high you have also been vaccinated, hence you have some immunity.

Covid19 status in Uganda: how does it affect travelling
Covid19 status in Uganda: how does it affect travelling

That said the ministry of health has encouraged people to observe the COVID19 standard operating procedures (SOPs), as a way to reduce the spread of the disease.

These SOPs include:-

  1. Wearing a face mask always, especially when in public.
  2. Keeping a recommended social distance between you and other people during public gatherings.
  3. Sanitizing or regular washing of your hands with soap.

As we have seen in the past observing these SOPs helped in reducing the spread of the disease among people, so even as you are on your trip or safari its important that you endeavor to  observe all the SOPs for your sake and the other persons as well.

You should know that most public places and safari places strongly require the strict observation of these SOPs so either way you will have to observe them.

Wondering if the travel requirements have changed. At the time of writing this article, nothing had changed. Persons coming into the country:-

  1. If they are vaccinated are not required to have negative PCR test results. All they need to have is their vaccination certificate.
  2. Those not vaccinated are required to have the negative PCR test results done not more than 72 hours before travel.

No traveler is required to do a PCR test at the point of entry.

Travelers going out of the country, are not required to have any tests or vaccination documents unless your destination country requires them.

So, as you can see nothing has changed, but as we continue to recover from the COVID19 pandemic, you need to be more intentional in observing the COVID19 SOPs on your trip, safari and interaction with others.

Well now that you know, you should not kill your safari or summer trip spirit. Contact a tour operator today and start you plans for that trip soon. Some of the activities you can expect  on the trips and safaris in East Africa this season include but are not limited to:-

  1. Uganda

Gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking,  game drives, water adventure trips, hiking trips, source of the Nile trips and many more.

Covid19 status in Uganda: how does it affect travelling
Mountain Gorilla trekking
  1. Kenya

Game drives, hiking, wildebeest migration, water adventures, beach vacations and other recreational  activities.

  1. Rwanda

Gorilla trekking safaris,  chimpanzee trekking, game drives, hiking, community tours among others

  1. DRC

Gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking and hiking safaris.

  1. Tanzania

Wildlife safaris, primate trekking, beach vacations and many more.

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