Creating Lasting Memories On A Safari : When we go for safaris we want to not only enjoy the moment but create and experience memories we can store and refer to for the rest of our lives. Most cases the safari or safaris we have taken is/are a once in a lifetime opportunity that we would want to last forever. In most cases we have moved with our loved and want to cherish the moments for eternity.

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So it’s no surprise that creating and storing lasting memories on your Uganda safari is one of the things top on your safari agenda otherwise why you even be going out of your way to go for that safari.

Most important if you are to create any memories you need to choose or sign up for a safari that you like or appeals to you, not just anything available; You know yourself best so choose the best for you. Also your company matters go for a safari with the company you enjoy time with.

The other important thing you should consider having if you want to capture the memories is a camera or a phone or gadget with the camera function.

If you are a writer or a blogger you may need to carry a note book or a device where you can make some notes.

Well there are a lot of ways you can make the most of the safari and create those memories but they are dependant of which safari you take.

Safaris in East Africa are majorly be broken down into 5 categories which are:- Primate safaris, Wildlife safaris, Recreational trips , Hiking tours plus Community and cultural expeditions.

So to help you break this down we shall describe how to create memories on each safari individually.

  1. Primate safaris

On a primate safari as the name suggests you are going to see the mighty primates most popularly the mountain gorillas then the chimpanzees, monkeys and baboons if you are lucky. These safaris are usually taken in forests so the best you can do is make the most of the trek to the primates, take photos and short videos of the forests if you can selfie yourself trekking or get someone to take your trekking adventure that would be great. Most cases these experiences have a ranger explaining to you the different things about the primates and the forest, please pay attention you will cherish this information in time to come. But you should be aware that these safaris are quite demanding physically so you may not get as many moments for the camera as you wished for but appreciate the few you can get.

Creating Lasting Memories On A Safari
Primate Safaris
  1. Wildlife safaris

These are more relaxed safaris compared to the primate ones, you are in a safari car driving through the wild, so you have the luxury of taking pictures and nice pictures at that, recording videos if you feel like. The only challenge is the animals in the wild are quite swift you see them now and the next min they have disappeared so try to be quick.

You should also be careful, you cannot stand in the middle of the wild and take you picture, though you want that picture badly, you can also easily become prey to the animals if they see you standing Idle in the wild.

  1. Hiking Safaris

These are the most scenic Hiking safaris; they give you the most picturesque views that are great for capturing and reminiscing on for a life time. It’s quite easy to take pictures on a hiking trip; the only challenge is sometimes you are so worn out from the hike you not in the mood of taking pictures. Also the slippery slopes may be tricky to balance on for that picture.

  1. Recreational trips, community and cultural tours

These are the easiest trips to capture moments, you have time to pose and take that perfect picture how you want it. Also normally there are other people and interesting artifacts in the frame that make everything beautiful.

Well now you know that you can make and store that memory, so go ahead create on.

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