Destination Rwanda 2021

Destination Rwanda 2021 : After the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns that marred most of 2020, the world is now adapting living with the COVID19 virus, working towards mitigating the spread of the virus through observations of the recommended Public health measures.

Rwanda as a nation has put in place several health and safety measures country wide to curb the spread of the virus, reduce cases of the affected and provide a safe environment for people to continue on with their day to day lives.

Rwanda is also enforcing all these health and safety measures as it has already reopened its doors for tourists to come and enjoy the beautiful destination in as safe and less risk environment.

Rwanda is a spectacular country with lots of scenic nature, historic, wildlife sites to explore on top of experiencing the country’s unique culture and products.

This 2021 Rwanda should be a destination that you should not miss to visit as you tour around the world and the East African region.

Destination Rwanda 2021
Destination Rwanda 2021

First you should know that the Rwanda Development Board has given all tourists promotional rates to all tours in Rwanda within this season up to December 2022. This means you can experience Rwanda for less than what it would usually cost.

Secondly Rwanda gives you an assortment of tours in history, nature, wildlife, culture and adventure. On your trip to the country you are assured of having a wholesome experience you will not forget for a lifetime.

Rwanda is one of the three countries in the region that has mountain gorillas in their natural habitats so your visit to Rwanda will give you a once in a lifetime to experience the mountain gorillas in the virunga massifs in volcanoes National Park. Mountain gorilla trekking is done all through the year in Rwanda in the above mentioned park at a fee 1500 USD per a mountain gorilla trekking experience per a person, however the Rwandan government has discounted the permits for this season up to December 2022 because of the effects of the covid19 pandemic, making 2021 the best year for you to visit the country and enjoy the mountain gorillas.

Rwanda is not only home to the endangered mountain gorillas it is home to other primates like the golden monkeys and the chimpanzees so, on top of experiencing the mountain gorillas in the virunga ranges you can also experience the golden monkeys and then move down south to the great Nyungwe forest to experience the chimpanzees, also at discounted fee in this season.

Mountain Gorillas
Mountain Gorillas

Speaking of Nyungwe, you will have a chance to take a hike up the only canopy walk way in the East African region. The canopy walk gives you a chance to view the virunga ranges, some parts of DRC, Burundi and the rest of the East African region from up the Nyungwe forest.

If you feel adventurous you take on several hike in the country along the congo trail and most famously the 2 day hike on the Karisimbi mountain in the virunga ranges.

Take time in the country to visit the savannah park in akagera National park, see the numerous wildlife in the park and also take a boat ride in Lake Ihema to refresh and enjoy the views from the water.

Rwanda has a rich story from a devastating incidents of 1994 genocide the country has managed to rebuild from its ruins and is now most of the beautiful countries in the region. So when you have a chance to get to Rwanda this 2021, make it a point to visit the Genocide memorial grounds to appreciate the story. You can also compliment this visit with a visit to the several museums spread across the country.

This country of a thousand hills is also credited for having some of the most comfortable and magnificent tourist accommodations; so, on your trip you shouldn’t worry about where to stay or how fine the accommodation will be, you will be delighted at the facilities and the services at large.

Make it a point to visit Destination Rwanda this 2021.

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