Do I really need a mask for Game Viewing?

Do I really need a mask for Game Viewing? : Yes you really need a mask for game viewing. Wearing masks has become the new normal because of the prevailing coronavirus situation in the world. Though everything seems to be going back to normal from last year’s lockdown that was because of the covid19 pandemic; the coronavirus is still among us and we have to take all measures to continue preventing the spread of the coronavirus amongst us even when we are on our safaris.

Wearing masks is one of the many standard operating procedures one has to adhere to during social interactions to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Other standard operating procedures include maintaining a 2 to 3 meter social distance between you and other person during public interactions, continuous hand sanitising or hand washing and not interacting with others if you have any signs of the coronavirus.

During safaris there are many activities that will have you interact with other persons as well as wildlife so it’s prudent that you maintain the standard operating procedures for your safety, others’ safety and the animals’ safety.

However one may wonder is the mask really necessary on some activities like game viewing? You’re surely not getting close to the animals and you’re in a car or at a given viewing!

Game viewing is one of the most popular safari activities, this activity allows you see numerous wildlife in a given park or game reserve from the comfort of a game viewing car or a strategic game viewing point. During this activity you rarely come close to the animals; though there are a few incidences where the animals walk to your car but still it’s not really close proxy with the animals.

Also normally you take game viewing experience with persons you know and have been with during the safari because game drives especially in Uganda they are private nuclear game drives; public game drives are rare in Uganda but this doesn’t mean they don’t exist, they do but just rare.

Game Viewing
Game Viewing

So we know that one may see it unnecessary to have a mask on during a game viewing experience; but we think it’s important that even on a game viewing experience you keep your mask on, because:-

  • Even in a nuclear setting you can still catch the coronavirus from one of you, probably the person/ persons you are with came in contact with the virus on the safari trip and you don’t know so you put on the mask to protect yourself from catching the virus.
  • Normally game viewing experiences are guided activities which mean you have a park authority who is not part of your nuclear group joining the group to guide on your game viewing experience so you need to have your mask on as you interact with the guide on this experience.
  • Also in the interim before and after you start your game viewing experience, you’re likely to interact with other persons that are not part of your nuclear group so you have to keep yourself safe and the other safe.
  • Then having your mask on always helps you avoid gaps where you move with it and hence be vulnerable to catching the coronavirus.

That said, the decision to keep on your mask during your game viewing experience will still remain a matter of choice – your choice: unless you’re on a public game viewing experience and you’re required to put on your mask for your sake and for the sake of other people on the game viewing experience with you, you can still choose to do without the mask; especially if the park and the game viewing guide are okay with it.

Bottom-line a mask is important to protect you and others from catching or spreading the coronavirus and we hope you can keep it on even during your game viewing experience.

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