Does a chimpanzee trekking permit work for mountain gorilla trekking in Uganda? No! Chimpanzee trekking permits are only eligible for chimpanzees trekking that is done in the chimpanzee habitats.

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Well as mountain gorilla trekking permits are also only valid for mountain gorilla trekking that is done in mountain gorilla habitats.

Hence the permits can not be interchanged for the other. Does a chimpanzee trekking permit work for mountain gorilla trekking in Uganda?

Chimpanzee trekking and mountain gorilla trekking safaris are both primate safaris but they are done in different habitats because these primate species live in different habitats.

The chimpanzees live in flat land rain forests while the gorillas stay in mountainous tropical forests.

The chimpanzee Habitats in Uganda are Kibaale National park, Kyambura gorge, Bundongo forest and Ngamba Island.

The mountain gorilla habitats are Bwindi National park and Mgahinga National park.

The trekking permits are also issued at a different costs for the 2 primate species. For the chimpanzees the permits cost between 150 to 200 USD permit per person well as the mountain gorilla trekking permits cost 700 USD per permit per person.

Mountain gorilla trekking is more competitive than chimpanzee trekking and hence the traffic for acquiring the mountain gorilla permits is high and hence interested Trekkers are advised to purchase the permits at least 3 months in advance.

The chimpanzee trekking permits on the other hand can be acquired a week or days before you go for the trekking experience.

For mountain gorilla trekking only 8 people are allowed to trek the gorilla group un a day while for chimpanzees 10 to 12 people can trek a chimpanzee group  in a day.

Mountain gorillas stay in high altitudes of the mountainous forests so you will have a tedious and a fairly long climb deep into the forest to meet the gorillas. On the other hand for the chimpanzee though you will trek into the forest, it will not be as tedious and given that the forest terrains are quite flat you will not feel thee effects that match. But also chimpanzees start quite close to the forest entry points  so you can easily find them.

Chimpanzees also live in large groups of up to 30 individuals so you can easily spot them and because they are many all of you in the group will get to see them.

The mountain gorillas on the other hand stay in groups of 10 -15 individuals which quite smaller so you have to really get close to the group to see them and enjoy them.

Does a chimpanzee trekking permit work for mountain gorilla trekking in Uganda?
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But despite all these distances mountain gorilla trekking and chimpanzee trekking are similar to some extent.

For renitence the rules that govern mountain gorilla trekking are the same rules that govern chimpanzee trekking and these include:-

Keep a 7m distance between you and the primates

Do not feed the primates

Do not touch the primates

Do not engage in any activity that may cause harm to the primates

Do not use flash photography while taking photos and videos

Do make noises that cause irritation to the primates

Do litter the forest and many more rules.

Both chimpanzee trekking and mountain gorilla trekking are done all year round on their different habitats.

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