Driving tips in Uganda : Having a road drive in Uganda is one of the greatest things to do on a Uganda safari venture in Uganda and Kampala at large. Well road drives will help you to get to learn the places in the country with a better view permitting you to glance different things at large.

But while on a road trip in Uganda there are things that you have to put into consideration before heading out for the drive in different areas of the country and these will help you to be safe and sound on the road.

What side of the road to drive on hoe to traffic operate and many others and this article will be giving you advice for driving especially to sightseers that are booking in for self-drives in the country.

in case you have just gotten on the roads of Uganda or you are about to get on them what you ought to consider is that Uganda has its own driving rules set that were given out by the government.

These rules have to be followed by both the drivers and the pedestrians’ inclusive not forgetting motorcyclists and cyclists as well hence implying these rules are general to all road users in Uganda.

There are things that one has to consider mostly while on road and these are listed as below in this article to help your journey and also ensure your safety as well.

Side of the road to use: in Uganda there is only one direction that drivers have to drive on and that is the left hand side of it due to the fact that most cars are right handed that ever stopped the government to pass law about the side to side and that is right.

Keep your phone away: while driving it is safe for you not to keep on phone as this may distract you and you may end up causing an accident while driving which may lead to damaging of others’ lives as well.

Potholes on road: Ugandan roads seem to have a lot of pot holes therefore you have to be so kin when driving and endeavor to see that you do not bump into any of them because they may cause you have an accident as well.

Seatbelts: see to it that all the time whenever you are driving you have your seatbelts on so that incase of any mischievous things you can have you life safe and sound and this is one of the most important laws on  the roads of Uganda.

Drunk driving: drunk driving is extremely prohibited in Uganda once caught its imprisonment and these are some of the things one should avoid most especially on the road of Uganda for the safety of both the drivers and the pedestrians safety.

Driving permit: now this is the most important document each and every rad user in Uganda must have because if they own non they will be put under a precaution and hence once on the roads of Uganda see to it that you have it with you all the time.

Roundabouts: vehicles that are on the roundabout are simply more respective and of priority on the roads at that time, simply don’t try to overtake the vehicles.

Drive with authority: Driving with authority in Uganda so important to see to it that you don’t get into issues with the government and the traffic officers as well plus skipping penults that come in with the violation of the rules that govern roads.

Driving on low music: make sure that you keep your music on low tone while driving in order to be able to listen to fellow road users and to avoid distracting other road users.

Driving tips in Uganda
Driving tips in Uganda

And once you have these at heart you are ready and set to have a self-drive on the roads of Uganda because these will keep you safe and well guided over the cases on the road.

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