Eastern Uganda : Uganda is subdivided into at least four regions including the central , western, northern and eastern Uganda. The western region is famous for its famous wildlife and the game reserves, the north is known for its very interesting culture while the central region hosts the capital so its technically the busiest place. the eastern region is known for its adrenaline feeled activities. Eastern Uganda is one of the most commercial regions in Uganda sitting on over 39,479 kmof land occupied  by 32 districts with the regional capital being Mbale. This is the region closest to Kenya Hence making commercial trading between the two countries very easy. As earlier stated,  it is the most commercial region of the country because there are more industries in the east. The eastern Lacustrine people in the east are the Basoga, bagisu, Banyole, Baruuli, Bamba, Bagweere, Basamia among others being the most friendly and engaging people in Uganda.

Apart from all these statistics, Eastern Uganda has very fascinating attractions that will blow your mind away   considering the fact that the east isn’t that far away from the capital city makes it super interesting to access, you don’t have to worry about costly transportation. The source of the Nile is the most prominent attraction followed by Bujjagali falls, Mount Elgon, Sipi Falls and Nyero Rock paintings

Source of the Nile. I once read somewhere that if you ever traveled to Uganda and didn’t see the source of the Nile, it would be such a pity! (smh) I mean this is the longest river in Africa. This is one of the things that make Uganda the pearl of Africa. Discovered by John Hannington Speke, the source of the Nile is located in Jinja at Lake Victoria and has wholesome and wonderful activities that are engaging like white-water rafting, bird watching, kayaking, zip lining and so many others. What makes this Unique is the fact that it is the source of the longest river in Africa and the best time to see it, is between May and August. Come!

Eastern Uganda
Source of the Nile

Bujjagali falls. Home to the Bujjagali Hydro-Electric Power station, this attraction is also  located in Jinja across the Victoria Nile. You will meet and fall in love with this great power source station that generates Uganda’s electricity which is generated

through harnessing the energy from Bujjagali Falls. There really aren’t many activities to do here but I will mention this, it is unique for being the biggest run-of-the-water power station in Uganda and all of sub-Saharan Africa. Therefore your visit to the east . don’t forget to pass by any day of the year!

Mountain Elgon. Ever heard of thee famous Mountain Elgon? Did you know that it is located in Mbale Town? And that it is where the world’s biggest caldera is? Did you know? If you didn’t know, let me educate you dear one. This is the worlds Largest Caldera also one of the Eastern region’s biggest pride and offers various activities such as mountain hiking, mountain biking, spot fishing and rock climbing pass by between May and August and you won’t regret it. Its unique for being the world’s largest caldera!

Sipi Falls. Located just outside Mountain Elgon National Park and close to the border with Kenya, is a series of three water falls named Sipi Falls in the district of Kpchorwa North East  of Mbale town. The mountain hikes to Elgon start from Sipi area from routes like Budadiri and Sasa trail to the falls with activities such as sport fishing, bird watching, and so many others. It is unique for the fact that it has three different levels of waterfalls each with different altitudes and you can see it is June-August and December-March.

Eastern Uganda
Sipi Falls

Nyero Rock Paintings.  Located in Kumi District the paintings are easily accessible from the gravel road between Kumi and Ngora. They are believed to have been the sacred places for the gods such that the Teso people would make sacrifices to the gods that is what makes it unique. Visit any time of the year

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