Extreme Adventure Park Busika : For tourists interested in a perfecting skills and be next Ninja warrior with trip to Busika Extreme Adventure one of the only two adventure parks found in Uganda. This is a very nice place for a day excursion within Kampala for day trips or this can be an en-route activity for visitors when heading Eastern part of the country through Mukono, Mabira Forest for a forest activities, Jinja – the Source of River Nile, Mbale town – home of the Imbalu and Mount Elgon. Also, visit the cascading Sipi Waterfalls during your safari in Uganda.

The Busika Extreme Adventure Park is located a few meters off the Gayaza-Zirobi, in the Motosport Arena of Uganda within Busiika village, about 40 kilometers from Kampala capital city. This park is visited by individuals, group of friends, families as well as corporate companies as team – building groups, royals from Uganda kingdoms, some of the leading politicians and ambassadors as well as many tourists from foreign countries.

Activities at the Extreme Adventure park

The park offers two main adventure activities such as:

The Rope Challenge and Zip Line – At first glance, the setup of this challenge is similar to that of the renowned TV Show Ninja Warrior. This challenge is presented in levels each having a different level of challenge with Level 3 being the most challenging.  The rope challenge and zip line is a body as well as mind challenge. Extreme Adventure Park offers a very unique adventure experience and worth noting is that this is among the very few rope-courses offered on the entire African continent.  The Rope Challenge costs USD 70,000 per person (Adults/children) and this includes wall climbing, power jumps, bamboo raft, spider web and 3 levels of different challenges.

Paintball – This is an amazing game where participants mimic military combat through making use of air guns and shoot-out capsules with paint at one another. It is a very amazing game and Extreme Adventure Park has established a nice set up with different barriers in which you will be able to enjoy this thrilling activity. The paint ball activity costs 40,000 for adults and 35,000 Uganda shillings for children.

Signing of Consent Forms

The park offers consent forms, which must be signed by every willing participant in this activity and these clearly state that you have taken on this activity at your own will in addition to many other conditions.

Safety at the Adventure Park

Each participant is provided with a safety head helmet, dressed in turgid rope pant with ropes and clips that you hook on the central cable also referred to as the lifeline. This runs across all the levels and here the principle rule is to have your harness clips hooked to the central cable.

Extreme Adventure Park Busika
Extreme Adventure Park Busika

Training before You Start

There is a brief demonstration provided to guests to be trained and given all necessary regulations that you must adhere to if at all you are to take park in this adventure.  They have very skillful guides who oversee this activity, guide and assist all those that are stranded. During the training, you will be shown how to use your clips and instructed on how best you can will the different challenges. After all this then you are ready to begin the different challenge

Where to stay while at the adventure park

Extreme Adventure Park offers a number of cozy well-furnished self-contained cottages for those interested to spend nights there. They are offered on a self-catering basis; therefore, you will be required to carry your own-food, which you will be able to prepare in the well-equipped kitchen. However, on prior notification the site chef can take over all your dining arrangements. At night, they set up a bonfire and around it you can unwind as enjoy some drink, share some stories as well as interact with other guests if interested. For those interested in spending a night at the adventure park the fee is USD 150 for a family room of 4 people while on a Uganda Adventure Safari.

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