Facts About Gorillas : How big, tall, heavy and strong are gorillas; Mountain gorillas are the giant apes the top tourist attractions on Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo safaris. The mountain gorillas are majorly found in the Virunga ranges. Mountain gorillas are the incredible animal species that share 98% DNA with the human beings hence making them man’s closet relatives. Mountain gorillas prefer living in the higher elevations. And these creatures they mainly feed on the plants, fruits, wild celery, bamboo shoot, thistles, nettles and others. The head of the gorillas is called the silverback gorillas that can be easily identified by the grey hair that grows on their backs. Gorillas in Uganda are found in Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park, in Rwanda gorillas are found in Volcanoes national park and in Democratic of Congo gorillas are found in Virunga national park and Kahuzi Biege national park.

Facts About Gorillas

How big.

Silverback gorillas are the largest primates in the world that is they are bigger than the chimpanzees. The hands of the gorillas are longer compared to their legs. But if you carry out gorilla trekking that’s when you witness yourself how these animal species are big.

Facts About Gorillas : How tall.

The gorillas for example the silverback is about 4-6 feet tall, the tallest silverback recorded was 1.95 cm tall with an arm span of 2.8 meters and the chest of 1.98 meters wide.

How heavy.

The silver back gorillas weighs in the range of about 135 kilograms to 220 kilograms, and measure 170 cm over 5’5 tall on all fours. In contrast female mountain gorillas weight 90 kg and measure up to 150 cm 4’9 and the heaviest silverback was once recorded with the weight of 267 kilograms and this was shot in the Ambam in Cameron.

Facts About Gorillas
Gorilla Trekking

Facts About Gorillas : How strong.

Due to the fact that the gorillas’ musculature and skeleton are such more robust than the human beings that means that they have higher ratio of muscle mass.The mountain gorilla can even reach the speed of about 23 mph to 25 mph. That is the mountain gorillas is much stronger hence it’s 6 to 15 times stronger than a human beings.

The mountain gorillas are best sighted in the different safari countries that is Rwanda, Uganda and Congo and they can be best sighted during the dry season. Usually in the months of June to September and December to February. During these months that’s when the trekking trails are easily accessible and there can be less rainfall in the park. During the dry season that’s when the vegetation in the forest can be thin and short hence giving the trekkers the best room for easy sighting of the gorillas in their habitants.

Though on the other hand gorilla trekking can be done during the wet or the rainy season majorly for the tourists who do not like the overcrowdings of the tourists in the parks. During the rainy season that when the food can be spread everywhere in the park which gives tourists the high chances of tourists to easily trek the gorillas, as well that’s  when there are high chances of getting the accommodation discounts because the tourists can be less in number.

On a safari to East Africa to trek the gorillas therefore you are reminded that the costs for trekking the gorillas in Uganda is 700 USD, 400 USD in Congo and in Rwanda its 1500 USD. And there they allow the maximum of eight people to trek the given group of the mountain gorillas in a day which one hour of observing the gorillas in their habitants from the time you get to find the gorillas.

It’s only Uganda on the other side where the visitors can carry our gorilla habituation as this takes place in Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park, and here are the trekkers are given 4 hours to be in presence of the gorillas with the researchers, scientists, park rangers while taking part in naming, taking pictures, recording videos of the gorillas and among others. This is such charming where you spend more time in the presence of the mountain gorillas.

On a safari to carry out gorilla trekking you are also reminded to carry the essentials along with you like good hiking boots, garden gloves, warm clothing, rain coats, energy snacks, bottle of drinking water and among many others according to your choice to make your gorilla trekking safari perfect.

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