Family safaris for IDD : Celebrating Idd has always been a family thing; I mean no one celebrates Idd in solitude. On Idd day you will witness family and friends joining together in prayers and feasting. You will usually find host compounds filled with lots of people; people who have come together to celebrate this wonderful day.

Knowing Idd is a family affair here at Achieve global safaris we have tailor made a number of safaris you can take with your family this Idd to celebrate this holy day. The family safaris are a great way to experience Uganda and enjoy the meaning of the day with loved ones.

The beauty with family safaris is that the fun starts from the moment you enter the van to head to the destination. You get an opportunity to be with you loved ones on the road, catching up and enjoying new places together. And when you get to the destination you get to adventure and encounter wild experiences with your loved ones.

Family safaris are experiences of a lifetime, they are memories you cherish for the rest of your life and last forever.

The Achieve tailor made family safaris for Idd include:-

Lake Mburo safari

Lake Mburo Mburo National Park is the nearest park to Kampala so you can actually have a one day safari at this park. Fun activities at this park include but not limited to game drives, boat rides, bird watching, nature walks and horseback riding. Lake Mburo National Park is home to over 100 mammal species and 200 bird species. The mammals at this park include both land mammals and water mammals same case for the birds.

Family safaris for IDD
Lake Mburo Horse back

Queen Elizabeth safari

On a family safari to Queen Elizabeth National Park, you will enjoy beautiful boat rides on the Kazinga channel where you will see several water birds, animals and magnificent flora that surrounds the channel. QENP being home to over 200 animals species including tree climbing lions and 4 of big five, this is a wonderful place to experience the wild on game drives and lion tracking expeditions.

If you are up for the challenge you can also visit the Kyambura gorge for a primate trek.

An enjoyable trip to QENP takes between 3 to 5 days.

Murchison falls safari

Murchison Falls National Park, the largest national park in the country is a delight to visit. First exploring this huge park is an adventure of its own, going round to experience the entire park takes you one or two days. Then viewing the game in the park is another experience all together. This park having the Murchison falls also adds some spice to the experience, you get to enjoy boat rides on the Nile river and crown the experience with the top of falls adventure – where you hike up the falls and stand at their start point.

Family safaris for IDD

This family safari can take about 3 to 4 days for you to get the whole fill of the park. Also if you add the Ziwa Rhino experience which is on the way to Murchison falls you can go up to 5 days. If you are feeling adventurous you can also add Budongo forest primate trek on the list. Budongo forest is just a few miles from Murchison Falls National Park.

Kibale safari

If you are into primates, a Kibale National Park safari is one that you can take. Why? the forest trekking trails are okay for everyone who wishes to trek, they are not as tiring as the ones in the gorilla forests. Plus chimpanzees stay in low altitudes so you easily get to them compared to the gorillas.

Well In Kibale National Park you will get to experience chimpanzees, explore the rain forest  and have a birding adventure in Bigodi swamp.

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