Family travel in Rwanda is one of the amazing trips one can take on in Rwanda, for great amazing adventure with families with full of emotions ,joy experiences  as you encounter in mountain Gorillas this is when the visitor to the genocide memorial this is very too close to human people.

There bigger experiences to get involved in with your children who are below 16 years of old some of the few activities to involve in include Rafting, Bungee jumping, primate walk, Gorilla trekking.

Rwanda is one of the best family adventure this creating long memories, in experiencing the trip to Rwanda.

With this content we have come up with the best family adventure in Rwanda.


There are many accommodation facilities to offer these include suite with two accommodation or more beds favoring you and your family.

The accommodations have two separate bedrooms, family cottages where children sleep in one room, arrange your accommodation with a tour operator who will give you a number of options.


Avoid complications thus by having a great travel plan within your family members before the travel date.


Rwanda is the best destinations with family services, on how to hire bikes, cribs, car seat, tents and many more.

Places to visit

There a number of places to visit while in Rwanda however there some areas that can be boring to children include birding, viewing of sceneries.

For the Children below 16 years ,their advised not to trek Gorillas, the tour operator will then have to book a friendly and hospitable accommodation that favors children  ,willing to do this even free of charge.

The distances to all tourist attraction are not so long to drive since Rwanda is a small country, its only 2hours drive from Kigali to the Volcanoes National park.


While on a Tour for birding move with the binoculars in order to spot a number of bird species . Give each family member to take part in taking pictures.


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