Family Travel in Uganda, this is one of the best moments having an adventure close to the people you love most .Uganda Safari  with your close family members is one of the amazing kind of holiday one would wish to encounter  on adventure.

Discover the magic of adventure on a safari with family; it’s a great exciting way of children to learn from other cultures and ways of life beyond home away from home.

Travel to Africa with your family members consider the age of children, length of journey, activities, weather.

The wilderness of Africa a is quite amazing and incomparable, visiting Uganda to view a number of animal games, boat cruises, canoe rides, these are extremely unique experiences.

The  activities of chimpanzees and Gorilla family trekking this allows only a minimum age of 16 years, it’s a must children below 16 years are not allowed for Gorilla trekking.

The activities are tiresome for children, the trek takes more time one needs to be more physically fit having more time and strength.

Volcano hike takes up to 8 hours, the children get tired easily; however the alternative activities for children would be the Zoos, game drives and many more.

Kabale national park has a number of activities for children which they can participate in as their parents go for Gorilla trekking or any other adult activities.

There different park entrance fees in all national parks of Uganda, the tour operators will give you different park entrance fees for all ages of your family except for children below 5 years of age.

The lodges, tents  and hotels  are able to accommodate everyone on your trip as long  as you book on time .However some have discounted prices for children.

Some lodges although not all do not all age limit while others do. The lodges and hotels have a number of facilities such as swimming pool; relax in water, rooms and many more. The safari vehicles are very comfortable to even carry families. Inform the tour operator in time to organize the best for your family.


Lodges have a number of food as you travel through the country you will test on the African fruits  these include bananas, pineapples, apples, there also fast foods  as pizza, burgers, fish, chips  and many more, drinks include sodas, Splash, coke, fanta, pepsi, bottled water ,fresh juice, coffee, tea.

Some of the things children enjoy during the trip

Cultural, Uganda has a number of culture activities that are perfect for children in order to learn about other cultures away from home, visiting the villages and learn a number of things how to cook, dig, play, entertained by the local people through songs, games dances, interact with the children of the local schools, culture exchange.

Game parks are many to a total of 10 and each of them has their unique ways. a number of birds and wildlife ,water bodies, birds, waterfalls, rivers, children can enjoy these. Queen Elizabeth national park, Murchison falls national park, Kabale national park and many more.

See the elephants, lions, zebras, tree climbing lions, chimpanzees, gorillas, and Murchison falls offers interesting boat rides.

Camping is also available, if a client has older children you can go to Jinja for water rafting, bungee jumping, sunset cruise, exciting adventure, horse riding and many more.


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