Getting a Rwanda visa is on arrival at Kigali international airport and the rest of the borders into the country.

Another option is to submit online your application or any Rwanda Diplomatic Missions of the country of residence before you depart your country. Payment can be made both on arrival and online.

Applications for visa extension can be submitted at Directorate General of immigration and Emigration offices.

The extension of visa applied for whilst initial visas is valid. Tourists who travel to visit the three countries of East Africa, Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda for Tourism, their advised to apply for the East African visa (EATV)online upon arrival o from the Rwanda Diplomatic  missions abroad.

Applying for the EATV visa one’s the entry point must be the country through which you applied for the visa.

The East Africa Tourist Visa costs about 100 USD, which is valid for a period of 90 days; the visa is a multiple entry if one is to stay within the three countries.

Rwanda visa is issued on arrival or Rwanda Embassy in your country, or apply online by visiting or government portal .

There is no single tour operator or agent who is in charge of helping you out on your behalf.

The agents have attendance of misleading you and would want to charge you more that what the visa costs.

Visa fees are 30 USD if you’re charged below or less that you would have crossed the countries standard rates.

The visitors and East Africa Tourist visa are not used for employment.

General information for  Visa applicants that seek to visit Rwanda on a Tourists visa.

Travel Document

A valid passport or acceptable travel document is a must have.

Validity lasts for 6 months on Entry port of Rwanda.

Health Requirements

One must have Vaccination certificate    as one of the requirements at the port of entry. Since there  is major  disease outbreak, requirements are set to put knowledge of the people.


The fees are for visa application processing, however this visa can be denied or withdrawn, and refunds of fees are not made.


Each visa  validity is set out in information for applicants for each visa class.


Single or multiple entries is set out in information for applicants for each visa class.

Financial Requirements

Any Applicant must have enough funds that cover the costs of their stay in Rwanda; the source of funds must be requested online for evidence at Rwanda foreign mission or entry points.


Visas can be extended, details for are set out in the information. There is a grace period of 5 days, in case the visa expires before the person departs or visa renewed without a   penalty.


An applicant has a chance of applying for another visa even if he still in Rwanda and their current visa is valid. The Tourist visa cannot be changed, information for the applicants’ visa class is not allowed.

Verification of Documents

Marriage certificate, death certificate, birth certificate, adoption certificate these are certified true copies of the issuing authority. The clearance from the police must be original.


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