Gorilla Permits in Congo : Mountain gorillas are among the most magnificent and beautiful creatures to behold on earth and are only restricted to three countries in the Eastern and central region of Africa. These much sought after countries are Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and Rwanda. Mountain gorilla trekking is a highly sought activity and many travelers across the world come to these three countries to experience the golden experience of encountering these gentle giants face to face.

The Congo gorilla permits are our focus in this article looking at how you can secure and prepare for your next gorilla trekking tour in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Acquiring a gorilla permit is the first most important step when planning to visit Congo for your gorilla experience even before booking flights.

Booking a gorilla permit in Congo can be done through two easy ways that is; through Congo national park authorities or through a trusted local operator (Achieve Global Safaris).

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  When booking for a safari to visit Virunga National Park, you have to contact the visit Virunga reservation offices through official email stating your interest in trekking the mountain gorillas, while Kahuzi-Biega national park, you can book through the park’s official reservation platform. Feedback will be issued with details of availability of the dates they wish to visit gorillas and prices. You can then reply affirming the dates you plan to visit gorillas and thereafter bank details will be sent to you to enable you send reservation fees and initiation payments. Having a gorilla permit always makes the application process for Democratic Republic of Congo Visa easier, meaning you simply apply for the tourist Visa. Visitors must send a copy of the voucher/ receipt through email to the reservation office for confirmation and kick start your safari planning. In addition, inform your bank to deduct the bank charges from your account or else the bill might be deemed less and your permit will not be secured.

Visitors can also a acquire permits through local tour operators. Travelers interested in acquiring Congo gorilla permits can easily book them through a trusted and professional Tour operator. This is recommended to most visitors as the easiest and fastest mean of getting gorilla permits since you the government reservation processes maybe bureaucratic and abit slow. Most people find it stressful due to associated complications and long process and they resort to acquiring one through trusted Safari agencies in Congo, Rwanda or Uganda.

Price of gorilla permits in Congo?

Many people ask why the gorilla permits fees are so expensive and are skeptical where the experience is actually worth all the money. The good news is that, gorilla trekking is always worth it despite the amount charged. A gorilla permit in Congo costs 400 USD per person however, given the insecurities in Congo and I recommend booking a whole package from a tour operator because there are other cost involved that are best managed by a local tour operator. All the doubt is erased immediately after encountering these shy and magical primates. A face to face encounter leaves you in awe of meeting these gigantic creatures that are portrayed as savage beasts yet on meeting them you see the unique gentleness, love and intriguing traits of the gorillas. Gorillas have been recorded as the most peaceful creatures though their enormous size might suggest otherwise.

Why you should book a Congo gorilla permit?

Only about 1,060 mountain gorillas are surviving in the wild today. Because of their critically endangered status, a fee paid to purchase gorilla permit helps to reinforce the efforts being made towards conserving and protecting these elusive creatures from extinction. The governments use revenue generated from permits to ensure their natural habitat is protected and paying the rangers and researchers and scientists who habituate these species.

Gorilla Permits in Congo
Gorillas in Kahuzi Biega National Park

In addition, a fraction of more than 20% is reimbursed back to the community to fund different projects to improve livelihoods, as an initiative to raise awareness and also portray the importance of conserving gorillas to the rather hostile communities. Some projects extended to local communities may include roads, medical centers and schools. By spending on gorilla permits visitors directly partake in the conservation process of these beautiful creatures for ourselves and for future generations.

Visitors to Democratic Republic of Congo can be guaranteed of securing a gorilla permit in either low season or peak season as it’s not very competitive unlike its counterparts, Uganda and Rwanda. Gorilla permits in Congo go for $400 per person and visitors should be aged 15 years and above to participate in this adventure. Only a limited number of guests are permitted to track one gorilla family and must pass the health prerequisites. Visitors should look forward to booking Congo gorilla permits as they are the best in terms of prices (cheapest permits in the world). Flexibility and less crowds allow for trekking Congo gorillas at any given time of the year.

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