Gorillas tracking for disabled, people with disability and are willing to trek the mountain Gorillas, have the best tourism encounter   to experience once in a lifetime. Mountain Gorillas dwell in the Virunga highlands of D.R Congo, Rwanda and Uganda, it’s a tedious and strenuous experience for people, this in involves hiking through the jungle in the muddy slopes of this regions.

Disabled people always find difficulties and very challenging impossibility of trekking the mountain Gorillas, however the wild Authorities in all countries that inhabit the mountain Gorillas have received requests from people with disabilities and elderly to find ways o helping them to encounter the mountain Gorillas.

Gorilla trekking takes about 30minutes to 7 hours in the forest locating where the mountain Gorillas are, after the trek one is given one hour to spend with the great apes. In Uganda Mountain Gorillas can be sighted in two national parks Bwindi impenetrable National park and Mgahinga National park, in Rwanda the mountain Gorillas are spotted in Volcanoes National park, Democratic Republic in Virunga national park and Kahuzi Biega National park however the one in Cong they are lowland mountain Gorillas.

All mountain Gorilla destinations are characterized by thick jungles and steep terrain, the rangers always go ahead to clear up the thickets and bushes in order to make away for  the trekkers this happens the same way for people with disabilities, the disabled trekked are provided with a special sedan chair or bamboo stretcher carrier.

The stretcher simplifies the transportation aid of ferrying the clients easier, up the mountain range through the forest. The stretch has handles, well built and energetic porters who are well knowledgeable of the terrain of the area. The cost of the carrier costs $350 to $500 this depends on the weight of the clients.

If your disabled your requested to contact the Uganda wildlife Authority through the tour operator who is working on your safari.


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