Gorilla trekking in Uganda vs Gorilla trekking in DRC : Among the many things that are similar between DRC and Uganda is the fact that these two countries are both homes to Mountain gorillas. Uganda’s mountain gorillas found the southwestern part of the country in bwindi National park and Mgahinga Mgahinga National park while DC’s mountain gorillas are found in the Virunga region in the Virunga National park.

All these park have mountain gorilla trekking guests almost every day and most people wonder, if the mountain gorillas are the same across, what makes one place more special in gorilla trekking than the other?

We can’t answer that question for you but we can share the comparison between the two parks and their mountain gorilla trekking experiences.


Mountain gorilla trekking mainly happens in Bwindi National Park which has most of the gorillas in the whole region. But also there is some mountain gorilla trekking that takes place in Mgahinga National park which has one mountain gorilla family.

In Uganda, you can trek any of the many families in the parks and because of the high population of gorillas, your assured you will see a gorilla on your experience.

The cost of mountain gorilla permits in Uganda is USD 700 per a trek per a trekker.

Trekking in the Uganda national parks is done in groups of 8. Meaning 8 people will visit one gorilla family in a day.

Uganda’s mountain gorillas’ parks are found in the southwestern part of the country and they can be accessed from Kigali and Kampala depending of your preference.

Kampala is about 9 to 10 hours from these two parks so you should brace yourself for a long journey if you want to go through Kampala. Kigali on the other hand is about 4 to 5 hours to the parks, hence making it the shorter route to the parks, Gorilla trekking in Uganda vs Gorilla trekking in DRC.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Drc has the cheapest mountain gorilla trekking permit prices compared to Uganda and even Rwanda.  The gorillas are trekked in the Virunga National Park at only $400. Virunga National park is Africa’s oldest Park and is endowed with the highest biodiversity.

Access to DRC is through Goma from Rwanda or Uganda, usually people that go for the mountina gorilla trekking adventures in DRC go through either Uganda or Rwanda.


Mountain gorilla trekking in these two countries is quite similar the only difference is the countries.

The terrains

The Virunga, Bwindi National Park and Mgahinga terrains are the same. They are quite difficult to trek for an amaturer and moderately easy for an experienced trekker.

Gorilla trekking in Uganda vs Gorilla trekking in DRC
Bwindi Gorillas


Mountain gorilla trekking in Ugandan parks takes about 6 to 8 hours depending on the sector or park you are at well as trekking in the Democratic republic of Congo takes between 4 to 6 hours.

Trekking rules

The trekking rules are the same across all the mountain gorilla trekking parks. They include but not limited to keeping a 7m distance between you and gorillas, not using flash photography, don’t doing anything harmful to the gorillas, not feeding the gorillas among other things.

Other safari activities 

Other safari activities at Virunga National Park include but are not limited to chimpanzee viewing at the sanctuary, and nature walks. At Mgahinga National Park the activities may include community tours, nature walks, birding,  and a visit to lake bunyonyi.

At the Bwindi National Park its community tours nature walks, mountain climbing, and birding among other activities.

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