Growth stages of a Silverback gorilla : Known to be yet one of the most fascinating Uganda safari activities to carry out in Uganda, silverback gorilla experience is just an extraordinary safari activity to try out while in the pearl of Africa.

Well known worldwide that Uganda is one of the few countries where one can get to carry out such an experience from because it’s a home to a number of silverback gorillas.

Most sightseers choose to have a venture at the pearl of Africa with an aim of getting to sight these lovely creatures in their true habitat and this one of the major reasons as to why Uganda is a marvel destination and these amazing creatures also contribute a lot.

Sharing 98 percent of the human DNA mountain gorillas are known to be very noble and wise creatures and hence this ranks them to be the most endangered species of wildlife.

This creature is the most visited fauna in the pearl of Africa for its beauty and its noble character and the great beauty that is hidden within their existence, There is a lot to know and understand about the great silverbacks of Uganda and also know as to why it’s the most endangered wildlife in Uganda, silver backs have the a lot of fascinating facts about them.

Achieve global safaris brings to you some of the most fascinating facts about the great mountain gorillas known as silverbacks in Uganda and why they are most loved and visited wildlife in Uganda.

Below are some of the things that you should note about the silverbacks most especially when you are planning to have an adventure to sight them in their natural habitants this will help you understand them more and more.

Starting right from the growth stages of a mountain gorilla this is one of the most thrilling points to all the most experienced gorilla habituated guides in Uganda as yet to be shown this is described to be incredible most especially when being taken through the process.

Growth of the silverback

Infant (0 – 4 years): as noted by the most experienced Achieve global safari guides at this age the male gorilla is still dependent on its mother just like all infants be.

Juvenile (4-6 years): at this point the male gorilla is starting to be semi dependent because at this age is well weaned by the mother and even taught how to hunt for its self.

Growth stages of a Silverback gorilla
Silverback gorilla

Adolescence (6 – 8 years): when the male gorilla gets to this age the sexual active part of it is not yet aroused and hence it still depends on its mom still

Sub adult (8 – 10 years): once the male gorilla comes to this age the sexual active part of it is now sexually active and fully no longer weaning

Blackback Male (10 – 13 years): at this age they are sexually fully active but still under the protection of its parents because they are not physically mature

Silverback Male (13+ year): at this stage the gorilla has gained the silver lining and it’s fully mature dependent to start its own family enough as due to the fact that in a troop of gorillas there is always one silver back.

Once the sliver back turns the age of 13 it heights of over 5 feet and weigh up to 450 pounds and this is when the majestic fauna is recognized to be fully matured and can also make other more families.

This is the growth stages experience of the sliver back gorilla in which you should honestly be aware of off most especially when on your visit in Uganda, more about these incredible creators can be taught to one while on a gorilla safari into the pearl of Africa.

With achieve global safaris one can be able to adventure fully these majestic fauna in the two major national parks where they are habituated from, giving you a chance to spend a day with these creators in Uganda.

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