Hacks for Budget safaris : When considering an African safari, one of the many things you consider is the price of the safari. And though most African safaris tend to be quite pricey, they are a number of factors you can switch around to ensure your safari is within your manageable price range.

Having a budget safari doesn’t not mean having a bad or an unfulfilling safari, it simply means, working within your means to enjoy nature and the wild.

First you should know and be clear on the main purpose of your safari, which is to experience the wild and sighting wildlife in their natural habitats; others things that happen on the trip are bonuses. And it’s on those bonus items that you can choose to compromise or do without.

So to help you have a good budget safari, here are some of the hacks you need for a budget safari.

  1. Chose the right destination

When considering a destination for a budget safari, choose a destination that is right for you, in the sense of affordability, accessibility, variety of adventure among other things. Having a destination that gives you all this and more at once will help you save a lot on your expenses.

  1. Accommodation choice

Whatever you desire to have for your accommodation chose it wisely, to cater for all your needs like feeding, security, etc. staying at an accommodation facility that offers you all that in one take will save you a lot. I know most budget safari traveler opt for camping, still choose a camping option that gives you at least 80% of what you need to avoid spending a lot of extra money on other things.

  1. Plan your safari trip during the low season

The low seasons are seasons when people are not having safaris a lot, and these are mainly during the rainy seasons. During this seasons safari destinations are looking for clients and hence have a lot of discounts and offers for those willing to visit the destinations during these season. So take advantage of this and you never know you may get one of those unbelievable safari deals, you will be amazed.

Hacks for Budget safaris
Budget safaris
  1. Join a safari group

Safari groups are made of travel enthusiasts that come together to traverse wildlife destinations together. Most of these groups have plans of where they will go at a particular time in the year. And with this they plan ahead. Also people who travel in groups not only cost share, but they usual get the most discounts compared to solo travelers.

  1. Book you safari through a tour operator

Use a tour operator to book your safari, tour operators know everything about a safari in their location. They even know which destination has safari deals at given moments. So using one would be very helpful to you in narrowing down what you want to go for and when, plus how it will fit in your budget, Hacks for Budget safaris

  1. Use a driver -guide

Avoid spending in figuring out the way and other details about where you having the safari, use a driver tour guide to take you and guide you through the entire trip.

  1. Focus on the main reason for your safari

Especially when you are on a budget safari, focus on the main reason you are having the safari, don’t be swayed in different directions for other things that you really don’t need or were not part of you original plan for a safari.

  1. Get deals that have food and drinks added

Food is expensive everywhere, so as you plan for your safari, get safari deals that offer you at least one or two meals within the deal. It will save you a lot on spending money in the name of food.

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