Hiking tours in Rwanda

Hiking tours in Rwanda : Rwanda is a hiking and trekking safari paradise for trekking lovers, offering amazing trails for every experience level from beginners who prefer easy walks, to experienced trekkers who desire a physical challenge and expansive views from atop some of the country’s highest peaks. We organzise these hikes and treks in two of the country’s top-notch protected areas that is Volcanoes national park and Nyungwe forest national park. Volcanoes national park in Rwanda is primarily a destination for mountain gorilla trekking however; the distinct trails in the park bring additional insight into other types of flora and fauna. Some of the hiking experiences on Volcanoes national park include;

Dian Fossey hiking experience

Dian Fossey graveyard hike on Mount Karisimbi for a day’s 5-6 hours’ hike to the site of Dian Fossey’s home and research camp. The journey takes you into the heart and mind of Dian Fossey – the woman best known for her extensive study and passionate protection of the mountain gorillas, which began in the Democratic Republic of Congo and ended tragically with her death in Rwanda. We are touched by the response of guests who see first-hand where Dian Fossey spent her days and nights, as well as where she is laid to rest next to many gorillas killed by poachers, including Digit, her most cherished mountain gorilla.

Walking in her footsteps in the montane forests of Rwanda will certainly be a special part of your exploratory tour of the country. Each traveller pays a few of US$75 to be able to access Dian Fossey graveyard and camp.

Mount Karisimbi hiking experience

Mount Karisimbi is a dream hiking experience for any traveller especially those interested in trekking. Hiking Mount Karisimbi is best for travellers who seek a botanical travel experience and want to see many of Africa’s most exotic plant species. This mountain is part of the 8 Volcanic Virunga mountains and features several distinct zones that differ slightly, from the dry western slopes to the humid eastern slopes.

The highest point/peak of Mount Karisimbi is 4,507 meters and this makes it the highest Virunga Mountain with zones beginning at about 1,300 meters, they include supratropical mountain forest, orotropical bamboo forest, orotropical cloudforest, orotropical ericaceous forest, and altotropical grassland and woodland. The summit at Mount Karisimbi is capped with snow and may be crowned by a unique lenticular cloud, a rare sight that adds to the mystical quality of the peak.

Along the way to the summit is where visitors hiking to Dian Fossey graveyard and shrine pass and also observe some of the diverse wildlife species living on the mountain. Hiking Mount Karisimbi take 2 days with an overnight at the top as it takes more than 12 hours to reach at the summit. Hiking Mount Karisimbi is at a cost of US$400 per person.

Mount Bisoke hiking experience

Mount Bisoke is at a height of about 3,711 meters, slightly shorter than Mount Karisimbi but offers one of the most challenging trekking experiences in Rwanda. After a two-hour walk from Bisate Village, you weave your way into dense jungle and begin the climb to the top. It is a 5-6 hours’ hike and while at the summit, there is crater lake called Lake Ngezi, one of the most scenic and remote locations in Rwanda, which will certainly linger in your memories for many years after your active bush holiday. You cannot swim in the lake, but you are encouraged to take ample photographs to have keepsakes of their time at the top of Mount Bisoke.

Nyungwe forest national park

If ever a park was designed for hikers and trekkers visiting Africa, it would be mainly be Nyungwe national park. This park is located in the southwestern part of Rwanda close to the borders of Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The park is designed with a network of trails to provide every guest with a superior nature-centric vacation. The guided walks can last from one to seven hours, based on your fitness level and desired engagement in the park’s spectacular beauty. For inexperienced and beginner hikers, you are recommended to hike Igishigishigi Trail which is about 2 kilometres long for incredible views that overlook the Canopy Trail. Karamba Trail is yet another trail to see a former goldmine, army camp, and market while Muzimu Trail winds through remote eucalyptus and pine forests.

Hiking tours in Rwanda
Hiking tours in Rwanda

Experienced hikers are delighted by birdwatching experiences while hiking on Nyungwe rainforest and birds can be spotted along the ravines of Uwinka Trail, also at the four waterfalls found along the Imbaranga Trail which is less than 10 kilometers long. For experienced hikers, hiking the Congo-Nile Divide trail is the best because it takes several days to cover the entire 227 kilometre route which follows the Nile and Congo rivers.

Several other moderately difficult trails are available to accommodate the desires and abilities of our travallers’ such as Umgote Trail which offers a plethora of avian fauna and primates amid rainforests and mountain ridges speckled with flowers. On a clear day, you can see Kibira National Park in Burundi. If you love waterfalls, Umoyove Trail is the route to take since it is lined with towering trees.

Isumo Trail which takes you through the tea fields along rainforest ravines. As an alternative, take Kamiranzovu Trail to visit the park’s wetlands, as well as a swamp and waterfall.

The volcanic geology of Nyungwe National Park is spotlighted along Bigugu Trail and Irebero Trail which encircles two of the highest peaks. Both of these trails also offer fascinating views of Lake Kivu. Pack an energetic picnic lunch and hike along Ngabwe Trail which features two paths to the summit, you may even want to stay overnight at a campsite.

Although you will have many chances of enjoying the hiking experience in Nyungwe forest national park, this park, Nyungwe forest national park is home to Africa’s primates the Chimpanzees and other 12 species of primates. It offers one of the best trails for spotting chimpanzees. Ruzuki Trail is an exhilarating hike that enlivens your body and senses and also offers great views of Banda Village.

In conclusion, Rwanda offers a multitude of trails to suit your hiking safari interests. Study the most delicate details, breathe in high mountain air, witness wildlife in a pristine setting, and be awed by unparalleled views–all in one place and you will forever be immersed in Rwanda’s natural beauty.

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