Hiking Trails in Uganda

Hiking trails in Uganda will give you a trilling long walk through mountainous trails most cases to the top of a hill or a mountain. Hiking is normally done as a recreation activity during a safari and this activity is adventurous and fun at the same time.

Hiking Trails in Uganda

In Uganda, several mountains are hiked during hiking escapades and each mountain gives its hikers unique and unforgettable experiences through the trails as you enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding regions, several unique creatures on the mountainous trails. 

Hiking in Uganda is mostly done all through the year on three main mountains that are discussed below. 

Rwenzori Mountain

Rwenzori Mountain found in western Uganda is the highest mountain in the country and Africa’s third-highest mountain making it one of the top places to hike and climb on a hiking safari in Uganda.  The mountain’s highest summit being Mt. Margherita followed by Mt. Stanley which are always snow-capped. The mountain has one of the best hiking trails in Uganda.

The mountain has scenic glaciers, waterfalls, rivers, lakes and the slopes of the mountain are home to a variety of animals, making your hiking experiencing a once in a lifetime experience. 

For a hiking experience on the mountain, you have a chance to explore different trails the longest and toughest being the central circuit that takes hikers up to Mt. Margherita and this hike takes 8 days to complete the entire hike. The mountain also has short trails that can be done in a day or three days and these are:-

  • Chimpanzee Trail 
  • Kilembe Trail 
  • Mahoma loop 

For your hiking experience in Rwenzori, you need to be in Kasese district on the eve of your first day of the hike for you to have enough time to take on the hike and finish. 

Mount Muhabura 

Mount Muhabura in Mgahinga National Park is part of the Virunga Massif, the mountain has a crater at the top and when you are up at the mountain you are able to see most of the East African region. A hike on this mountain gives you a chance for scenic views and if you are lucky you can sight some mountain gorillas. 

The hike to the mountain is done in one day and the trailhead is accessed from Mgahinga National Park

Mount Gahinga

Mount Gahinga also found in Mgahinga National Park and also part of the Virunga Massif is one of the easiest mountains to climb among the Virunga massif. This is the smallest of all the virunga mountains, though it has the biggest Crater Lake on its summit. This is the best hiking option for first-time hikers because its easy to hike and short so you don’t get so worn out after the climb. 

Mount Sabinyo 

Mount Sabinyo part of the Virunga the mountain has its most part in Mgahinga National Park because it stands in three countries Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The mountain is named Sabinyo translated Old Man’s Teeth because of the three teeth like peaks at the top of the mountain and the mountain has several craters at the top. 

This mountain is a tough one to hike and is only hiked by experienced hikers and hike on this mountain gives the most amazing views of the region and the hiking experience as you see several craters and wildlife. 

Mountain Elgon

Mountain Elgon in found in the opposite side of Mount Rwenzonzi in the Eastern part of the country with a lesser part of the mountain in Kenya. This mountain’s highest summit is Mt Wagagai and this is peak is found in Uganda. The mountain has the largest caldera in the world and many years ago Elgon was the highest mountain in Africa but has since been eroded and is currently the eight highest in Africa. The mountain is normally hiked in 5 days and this 5 days hike is an exciting journey of beautiful sightings of sceneries, vegetation and animals. The mountain also has several water pools with falls and caves that add on to your experience. The trails that hiked on this mountain are:-

  • From Mable – Sasa Trail also known as Budadiri head trail this trail takes you up to the Wagagai summit 
  • Piswa Trail, this is more gentle than Sasa Trail

Sipi Falls 

Also in Eastern Uganda are the Sipi Falls on the foothills of Mountian Elgon. The falls are a combination of three waterfalls flowing at 85m, 75m, and 100m.  Hike to these falls gives you a beautiful experience just at the sight of the falls but also the watery steeps up the falls are a heck of a challenge, you will be thrilled at just overcoming the challenge when you get to the top. 

Hiking Trails in Uganda
Sipi Falls Hike – Hiking Trails in Uganda

The hike to these falls is normally a one-day activity though most people want to redo the experience for more days. 

The falls are accessed from Kapchowara district. 

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