Hiring Porters in Bwindi,   Bwindi is a rainforest located in the western part of Uganda, the park is a habitant of over 900 mountain Gorillas that are left in the world. During the trek you may not feel the weight of your pack bag however the time spent and the 5 hours through the underbrush of rainforest can change your life.

Engage the services of a porter, engaging in the services of porter, it empowers the porter in order to make a living, pay school fees, rent, buy food and a number of things.

The porter charges a fee of 20$ the fee helps in the benefit of freedom, experiencing the trekking of Gorillas. Trekking makes the trek more enjoyed especially when you’re with the porter, giving free move during the thick vegetation, slippery terrain and muddy forest.

The porter treks with you throughout the whole trails and helps you during the trickier parts of the trails you can as well get anything you may need from your bag.

The porters value this job because it’s a job with dignity. Engage the services of a porter, at only 15 to 20 USD, worthy spending porter, with difference by making your load lighter and enhance Gorilla trekking experience.

Walking stick

During your Gorilla trekking you will be provided with a working stick this gives you balance, the sticks are usually provided by the park headquarters or lodges.

The walking sticks are 5 feet in height with more ornamental, carried sticks. Trek with a walking stick.


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