How do elephants talk? : Elephants are big five animals found in savannah game parks all over Africa. These mammals are considered to be the largest land mammals in the wild and that’s how they have earned their right to the big five animal circle.

In East Africa the elephants are seen on game drives through the game parks or from the arial vantage if you are flying over a game park with elephants. They are so huge and their stumps so heavy and loud you cannot miss them.

The parks in East Africa famously known for elephants are Amboseli National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Serengeti National Park; but they are many more parks with elephants in the region.

Elephants can be seen all year round in the different national parks, you just need to book your elephant Uganda safari with your tour operator as soon as you. Viewing elephants is a delight and one of the most eye nutrition things.

Elephants like many animals will not talk to humans but they will have a style of communication amongst themselves as elephants and in this article, we want to see some ways on how the elephants talk to each other.

Elephants use a number of sounds to share their intentions and emotions amongst themselves. They will roar to mean they intimidated or distress or asking for fellow elephants for help.

They have rumbles that are usually used between young ones and mothers to communicate love and kind affection. The rumbles also can be used to show that one elephant is more powerful than the other. In other instances, the rumbles can show comfort, encouragement, romantic connection, friendship connection among other things.

The elephants also have trumpet sounds that they use to show they are happy excited, want to play or sometimes that they are angry or just disturbed.

The elephants also use non-verbal communications to show how they feel or scare off people. Elephants will widen their eyes if they are stressed anger or scared.

How do elephants talk?

They will have their eyes half closed with the tail swishing gently from side to side to show they are resting, relaxed and in a peaceful mood at the moment.

The elephants will also communicate using their big ears, which they will flap when they want to clean them or cool down or just shake their bodies. They do this when they are relaxing and there’s no apparent danger.

But when danger is apparent, the elephants will extend their ears outwards at a 90-degree angle to make them look larger and big and threatening to the danger.

The elephants will also lift their feet when they are in an uncertain mood swing it back and forth like a way of deciding of what to do next.

The elephants will also use their heads to communicate, they will shake the heads to show that they are annoyed and frustrated. The head shake may be followed by a firm stand that holds the head high with a raised chin to show they are ready to attack.

Elephants also twist the tip of their trunk back and forth to show dominance in some instances.

These are the most common ways that elephants can talk, however we are so sure there many other ways that have been discovered or yet to be discovered.

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